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Movie: MOST F#%KED UP PART! - South Park: The Stick of Truth - Part 9

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You might wanna wear headphones while watching this one.
alan westmoreland
man, y'all are some pussies & I know half of you seen worse than that
battle sequence.
Shawn the Prawn
Me: shudders, throws up and washes eyes out at once.
budder blaster
be sure to wash you eyeballs once a day for 7 days after watching this
I know this scene is kinda weird (or disturbing) but...
The fact that the main character doesn't show any emotion at all when he's
looking at his parents getting it on, makes this so much more funnier to me
It's like he's thinking "Oh, my parents are getting it on...and I'm
watching them.....just a normal Monday night for me, nothing special"
And they HAD to put so-called "fitting music" during the battle on the bed
I LOLed so hard XD
That awkward silence XD
Mj Skoff
WHAT THE WHAT?!?!?! I will wash my eyes now....
SweetPinkxPL T
This is the most awkward part in the game imo...I play the game myself &
good thing when I reached this part it was midnight so no one's awake
arhanationgame baltes
whoa! this is just like so effed up. it feels like, im getting sick just
watching it. oh god i hope my dad doesnt see this on my gmail or else im
dead! oh yeah, maybe i just go and not share this to google+ and so no one
bothers me. and ban me from youtube. hmm, thats some good stuff! (just
emolga theflyingsquirrel
haven't watched it yet but my mom and dad r right behind me so i think i
should watch this later when no one is awake o_o or that's what i think i
should do from what i read from the comments xD
Playing this part with my brother right behind ,me...😪 dear god help
Tennessee Cooper
damn he got his
EliJah Gaddy
Wtf I jest saw I am 10 and I see this shit oh fuck me
Gavin Ward
i love your vids
Edwin Tsang
i always wear headphones. LOL
daniel fitzpatrick
um that was fucked up
JRGaming Aliance
Sling of david for evaaaa nugget
Xytan Vadam
I like how, in the girls hangout, it looks like Pewds is a picture on the
wall too xD
Autumn Pranaitis
It's okay Pewds, I hear that shit almost every night comming from my
parents room. There's a reason for why my mom's in birth controle and I
found condoms in their room.
Eliseo Rodriguez
The mom and dad have sex thats fuck up
Near Wayne
So freaking disturbing 
Laura B
X___X my eyes....
Janell Pinder
I regret everything.
Angel Sawka
X_X (washes eyeballs out everyday) That part was so F#%KED UP!!!!
hah he is watching his own parents having sex, such a crazy game
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