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ffp: Stop cheating in Counter-Strike and other games.

Movie: F$@K YOU!

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Alyssa Brielle
If the internet is causing so many problems why don't you just simply
deactivate your accounts and make new private ones? It's your fault for
shoving your life into everyones face.
Sammi Jo
I'm like really new to her channel (just started watching yesterday) so I
don't know like the entire situation so don't bitch at me lol but she seems
like a cool, nice girl. I don't get why everyone hates her or whatever? And
I've seen so many comments saying that "she's probably the most hated
person on the internet" and if that was true I don't think she would have
425k subscribers who want to watch her videos, and if you're subscribed to
her and watch all her videos just to criticize and complain about
everything she does when you don't even know her/met her whatever, I think
you're the one with a problem…
I'm not trying to start shit, Just saying..
I don't get what she's doing that's so offensive to everyone. I'll I've
heard about was the whole think with the nudes getting leaked, and it's not
like she's the only person that's ever happened to. I personally know
several people who have had that happen.
Kristen Nicole
EXACTLY YOURE 16 GROW THE FUCK UP!!! honestly tho you need a reality check
and im not saying this to be mean, im saying it in hopes that youll finally
grow up. I'm 16 and i get hate too, we all do so deal with it. saying "i
get more hate" is pointless because whether you like it or not, YOU CHOSE
THIS. you CHOSE to have thousands of people following you. if you didnt
want it to happen than it wouldnt have. you brought it on yourself so learn
to deal with it. 
Ellie M
"People shouldn't be held to their screw ups", so we should all just
forgive Hitler.
Julie Mello
Look, people don't hate you because you listen to certain stuff or dress a
certain way. They hate you because you change so much. You're allowed to
change, I mean, you're a teen, you're supposed to be changing, but the
thing is: you always seem to change according to the trends. And that's
kind of annoying because it looks like you're trying too hard. I personally
dont hate you because that's a very strong thing to say and you've never
done anything that has given me a reason to. I can only imagine what it's
like to be judged like you are. Yes, I think people are extremely
judgmental on you, but you can't blame them. They see you hanging out with
their favorite musicians/youtubers and you really don't do much to get
that, it just comes to you. It's hard for them too, even though that
doesn't give them a reason to be mean.
You should look in the camera
Sam-Alison M.
I'm not here to hate or anything like that, but I feel like this is another
phase; the band shit, the style you currently have. I don't know dude. 
''i can't do that, i can't post that.'' YOU DON'T HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE ON
SHOVING IT INTO OTHER PEOPLE'S FACES. I'm literally laughing so hard at
this video.
Kianna Leslie
people judge, its what they do. if you're not strong enough to take your
follower's opinions then stop posting every single thing in your life on
the internet. 
Carrie Carithers
I laughed so hard. No ragrets
Emily McGrath
people just send hate to acacia bc they're bitter its so funny while ur
sitting behind a computer sending her hate shes off meeting ansel elgort
and dylan o'brien so ur argument is invalid ;-)
Twin Kidrauhl
Maybe people wouldn't hate you so much if you weren't a slut and didn't
send nudes to everybody. Whoops 
people still hate you woopS
Anna Jones
Basically what happens in this video:
-Acacia complains because people hate her
-She says every 5 seconds, "I'm going to do what I want"
-She cusses every second
Yet she expects us to apologize and be nice to her haha funny
Samantha C
Welcome to the internet! Delete your social media if you can't deal with
it, this video won't make all the hate you get disappear.
Brennan Boltin
The cussing was unnecessary 
Looks like someone got an A+ in debate class!
Laura Lestrange
It's funny because you all hate on her because she's famous, and that's the
truth. You say "it's because you change according to the trends" well, a
lot of people around the world live changing just because of trends, do you
care? no, you don't. You say "it's because you send nudes" a lot of people
take pictures of themselves almost naked, do you care? no you don't. If she
wants to change her hair, style, music, whatever, she's allowed to do it,
even if you disagree that thing, it's her problem, if she doesn't look at
the camera and for you "she tries to look pretty" alright, that doesn't
ruin your life so why do you have to judge?
I'm glad she thinks like that, we all should, imagine getting that hate
just for being yourself, and even if you change for any reason, is your
freakin problem.
And all the people saying "People still hate you, you are a bitch" and that
stuff, well, I think you care about Acacia just for taking the time and
watching her videos, lol. 
ive never seen anyone as desperate, as you, for attention. tbh you ask for
the hate. you really do. its not about your past mistakes people hate you
for its for the shit you constantly do now. you dont even know who the fuck
you are. how about you stop trying to live as an online celebrity and fuck
Sam Westerik
People are going too far on her Instagram and Twitter. Why making an
Instagram account only just to post her nudes she did a shit long time ago
and post "her story". She is 16, she is an kid. Don't waste your time
hating on her, she can't even post an OOTD without getting called a slut or
something. People are so stupid, if you hate on her so extremely you won't
get far in life. People should't be so obsessed with her. Its none of our
fucking business who she dates.
Why do people hate acacia so much? I mean it's her life, she should be able
to live it the way she wants:) 
Aztec Vero
16 & a tattoo?
Autumn g
What if acacia one day just, deleted her Instagram, Twitter, all of her
social media... She couldn't sponsor people and stuff, but she's only 16,
she could later get a real job, and she wouldn't have to worry about hate,
and everyone would eventually forget about her. She's met famous people and
stuff, but I feel like more bad than good has come out of her internet
fame. She's probably the most hated person on the internet. Can you imagine
how that would feel? Maybe she likes the attention tho idk.
Eva Graglia
just wondering but does she have a job or go to school or do any work?
Jesslyn Reyes
Idc. I like acacia. If you don't why are you here? 
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