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Movie: Olly Murs - Up (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato

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I was so ready for them to kiss at the end though... I really thought they
were going to haha :P
Its Alicia
Why didn't they just walk around the wall? 
Geena Mackie
Are you coming to the tree?
Jaco Loots
This is music. No sex.. Drugs or twerking. 
demi has a great voice, she sounds like a queen <3 beautiful
Olly Murs new video for “Up" featuring me
Frederik Sørensen
This song in great!! :)
I wish all of you a merry christmas, and a happy new year. If you feel
lonely, then this is me sending you a virtual hug. Smile and be happy!
Love and greetings from a Danish guy. 
Hannah Borland
I am with this song 100% if the real demi lovato sees this this song is
awesome and u are my inspiration
demi is the most talented person in the industry... fight me
My Little Pony Mania
Demi lacrando <3
It's kinda funny how the bricks break so easily 
Wanessa Christina
Se eles estivessem pelados e se esfregando, esse clipe já teria 15 milhões
de visualizações. Mas não, eles estão vestidos. E eles só estão cantando
com o coração, uma música com letra em um vídeo com significado, então
obviamente eles só merecem 15 mil visualizações... Quem manda eles não
saberem fazer vídeos que vendem! .'

Decepcionada por perceber que no mundo da música, a MUSICA mesmo caiu pra
segundo/terceiro/décimo plano... Mas fico feliz de ver que ainda tem
cantores como eles que preferem se focar na música a apelar... Mesmo que
isso não faça tanto sucesso como deveria fazer! Lindo o clipe... Pode até
não vir a ganhar milhões de visualizações... Mas ganhou o meu respeito e o
de muita gente que ainda aprecia a música pelo que ela é... Não pelas capas
de revistas que o cantor consegue com seus escândalos.
Am I the only one who was worried that those rocks were gonna hit Demi when
Olly started breaking the wall? :D

And btw this video is FUCKING amazing! <3
kayleigh conlon
This song is just amazing 👌i love it sooo much 😊
Sara Oliveira
Gente (br's) olhem oq eu pensei: se eles namorassem o nome do casal ia ser
Dolly, Dolly guaraná dolly guaraná ♪♫♪
Leon Paul
I kinda ship them...
Rock Me
Is the height of the ridiculous people give value the artists just get
undressed in the clips, that the songs are a real trash! If this was video,
sex of them unclothed surely would have beaten the record of VEVO. The
video came to barely 1 million views right. It's amazing that most people
today (not all, obviously) just appreciate bad artists who live apart from
your clothes in presentations and in his lyrics songs only have malicious
and obscene lyrics. I found the clip just perfect and that I deserved a lot
of views, but views doesn't mean talent. I just hope that people know to
appreciate good music and good artists, but each one, after all, worships

Note: I don't mean any artist in no time, it's just an opinion. If you
quote any artist to defend him, you mean you thought this artist cited
identifies with some of the things said up there.
Jeane Zdebski
Clipe perfeito e música fantástica! Pena que só clipes com pornografia
fazem mais sucesso que uma música que é cantada por artistas incríveis e
extremamente talentosos e que cantam com roupa. <3 #BuyUpOnITunes 
Harold Edward Styles
I don't like Demi and I love Olly Murs but togheter they're so good
Reakky great song!
Nick Perrin
Guys!!! let's get this as many views in teh first day possible!!! Open this
video up in 6 tabs and keep refreshing it every minute! 6 views per minute
per person, imagine if 100 people do it, it's 600 view per minute. 36,000
views per hour! Share this video and like this comment for Olly and Demi!
marko vazkex
Dear demi, please stop collaborating with irrelevant/local people like
olly, the vamps or nick Jonas . COLLAB with nicki minaj, iggy azalea, 1D,
taylor swift or even ariana grande. 
JessiKa Souza
OMG 'I'm stuck with it, are wonderful! Demi beautiful, perfect voice. We
closed 2014 with style. Olly thank you for this music and this partnership
with our warrior. Still has living Lovatics? ♥ Haha Brasil aqui o/
Demi Lovato
It's here! Hope you like it!!!
Olly Murs - Up (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato:

A love song.. Someone get Demi to the hospital she's about to have a heart
Elle-Mae Quilty
Demi did an amazing job and so did Olly! I'm so proud of them. To all of
those who dislike this video and make stupid comments about Demi's looks
well go f**k your self's because its never about looks its about how and
what they perform and bring to the table. Looks are a bonus and I believe
that Demi is absolutely gorgeous okay! If you haters are going to comment
don't bother because you guys have no taste in music clearly, bye
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