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Movie: Olly Murs - Up (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato

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Olly Murs
Here's the music video for Up ft #DemiLovato

Let's all have a smashing time, smashing time
Elizabeth Gatell
I think their voices go really nice together.:):)
Jesse daniel danny
oh, you gotta hold on
hold on to what you're feeling
that feeling is the best thing
the best thing, alright
Luc House
Vi l💖vvo Lovatic di G+!!!!💞💞💖💖💗💗💕💓💘☆lk☆
When I saw it was Demi who sang the girl part I was like....😦
Annaliese Ification
I love Demi's white and gold hair 
La ragazza che sognava Favij :3
Ma quanto è bella sta canzone? 😍

I was so ready for them to kiss at the end though... I really thought they
were going to haha :P
María José T.R
Buen día para todos.. 💋💋💋💋
Kayla Schober
Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato: I love this song 
Yen Chau Luu
Demi's white and gold hair looks so cool >:p<
Mohamed Chellouf
They only needed Miley Cyrus to come in like a wrecking ball and the wall
would be broken instaid of using that poor guitar ! 
Yasemin M.
Demi up
Geena Mackie
Are you coming to the tree?
Irene Wan
Is this in a movie? Because it really should be in one. Like during the
part where they're having a road trip with the top down and all that
Victoria gagavil
love both
Emily AJ
Okay so, my ex bf dumped me and I still love him and he said he only wants
to be my bff, but he still calls me beautiful and then he said I have a new
favourite song, and he shared this with me, and he said its perfect for us,
what do u think this means?
Julie Jackson Divergent
adoro sta canzone.. è magnifica!! <3
Daniel Horceag
I first heard this song on Virgin radio Lebanon and I really liked it :)
Michael Cost
Um, I'm pretty sure that I would walk around the wall instead of clawing a
whole through it but that's just me!
Alisha Roy
omg people if u have not heard this song u have no social life
Elsa Petersen
shaniya congleton
Olly Murs - Up (Official Video) comment if u love this song!! 😍😘😜😝
Marina Iannace
Olly Murs - Up (Official Video) ft. Demi Lovato:
Kushina Namikaze クシナ波風
This is the best songs ever I've ever ever listened too 
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