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Movie: Kim K Gives Brody Jenner A Chub

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The Realist
I dont blame his ass i would too mf!
Nnana David
Y'all play too much, lmao
andrew dunne
Kris probably planned that shit 
Nilson perez
it was a joke, he said it on the show,
callme zizou
why would she hide in front of Brody but not the World ?
Sam Adams
How is that a selfie? Someone else is taking the photo... 
nique smith
who cares if he kiss Kim now if he bang her that would be something but
Kayne got nothing to worry about
Tom Börjesson
loki boo
how is that a selfie??
10/10 would put my pp inside
Arthur Williams
YEEZY Gone kicked they ass👊👊
Phyuck Yiu
I would say he got a Rob, but calling Rob chubby would be reaching.
Balls in my mouth!
Sandra Diaz
Biggest slut in showbiz.
Prolly fucked him too
wait wat
it would be weird if he didnt get a boner lmao
Vesta Jusk
Ohh kim
toronz ali
even Kris knows her daughter is a whore
Alejandro Sanchez
I only care about kendall idgaf about anyone else.
They're not blood related, so whats the problem?
They DEFINITELY slept with their step brothers. It's obvious. Nothing wrong
with that tho. They are really not related.
who the fuck wouldnt
korona Baby
This is some game of thrones shit 
Christian Galindo
James Branstutter
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