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Movie: Pharrell & Jay-Z Coachella 2014 Weekend 2

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brat pollution
wow rap concerts seem really crappy
John Hyun
I'm actually very disappointed that Coachella is letting these scrubs play
at their concert. I've lost respect for Coachella and it makes me not want
to go anymore... Sad day for Edm.... sigh...
Earl Green
In 2012 there was a colour controversy at the swearing in ceremony of St
James Parish Council in Jamaica. The green was left out of the large
backdrop that was to be a Jamaican flag so there was only a sea of black
with a gold X. Without getting into the type of notes used to pay
nominations fees, to the St Hugh’s High School having to switch uniform to
navy blue; the only relevant colour is the Morning Star, Jesus. 
John X
Jay-Z is a sell-out. I would never buy anything from him again.
jayson smits
yo i was at coachella screaming for my nigga pharrell cause hes the
greatest rapper ever.hes way better than that corny ass 2punk shakur and
piggy smalls and when gay-z performed i went to take a piss cause he aint
shit.everytime a washed up 90s rapper performs thats either a piss break or
im bagging a redbone or im going to the store.pharrell is the man fuck
If they would have performed Allure over
Mike Mitch
nice set$**%)
Mathias Lind Hansen
That crowd had one hell of experience
augusto tome
boring, waste of time........!
Diwan Ross
Hey guys check my channel out 
Dave Tank
Then it falls apart.
Tevin Dismuke
i never knew coachella had a week 2 
Brandon Smith
EDM is taking over. 
Amy Pfister
Pharrell X Jay Z X Coachella
dre nova
"lalala" sounds dope live
I was waiting for Change Clothes, but still a awesome set
Jacquelyn Hollowell
Happy Sunday
eli wol
Did y'all see me.. I was the guy in the crowd with cellphone up recording
Inês Gambôa
It doesn't get any better than this.. 
alfredo Jimenez
@ smits... get off his nutts
trying to get out the crowd after that show was a BEAST. Yall beezys kept
pushing lol
Jay is always missing his cues lol
Dulce Pinheiro
Gospel na face um sorriso cantado
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