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Movie: Google Nexus 7: Fear Less

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Marlena Marron
Олександр Мартинюк
I have Nexus5, thank u google, i love android! xD
Michal Knejp
..posted from Google Nexus 7
Bryan P
If only all kids would use it for their homework and stop playing angry

This is fake advertising. What people think I do vs. What I really do! ;)
Jack Martin
I really love the music and the story to the ad, Best ad man!!
Jose Juan Godoy
this is really cute I like the ending, also I fear of public speaking in
front of a crowd to so this really helps
Cindy Palencia
lol I know this kid. He twerked at my sister's Quinceañera.
Nick Boyce
Good ad from Google. Great Job. #Nexus7 #Google #Fearless but someone
should give that kid some chapstick. =) 
The shorter version is more powerful.
Emily Pompelia
Technology + kids + education = a crying me #NewhouseSM4 Google Nexus 7:
Fear Less
Beautiful commercial
joseph pezza
Watching this on my new nexus 7
Brilliant. This type of message has been waiting to be used far longer than
it should have. This is in fact the only advertisement I had ever
appreciated. This is a perfect demonstration of the technological benefits
for the newly created generation. Applause to Google. The internet is a
beautiful freedom of endless possibilities. 
Nexus 7 and iPad are my favorite tablets
Alvin Li
Craig Manuel
you can have them in school
Christian heinrich
The boy is so cute
I love the tablet I have it great ad
Véda Curtis
Don't like it
Ştefan Ursu
I just bought this tablet, and is great, very great
joe smith
Great Ad!
i went to elementary school with him, he was always that shy guy but was
very nice when i talked to him (: Really proud of him ! 
Rodrigo Heredia
Hi everybody i have a little question, is the nexus 7 update to android 4.4
kitkat now? And whats new in this new update? Thanks 
Sunny Singh
How to make that work?! Where he pauses the video and search results come?!
Please someone tell me
Alex Choi
Love this ad
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