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ffp: Stop cheating in Counter-Strike and other games.

Movie: FRIEZA BATTLE - Minecraft: Ex-Comm Dragon Ball Z Mod w/Nova, SSoHPKC & Slyfox Ep.36

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Rei Kagene
Nooooo post it note
jake petrakos
James cant grasp the fact that when his body meter is empty he dies
The whole fight should be an animated classic
Deadpool Lawrence
Super nova isn't a blast its a self energy that explodes through the user
and anybody close enough will get pushed down and loss energy and die
Cyril Ramirez
James !!!!!!!!!! Watch ur dbz health bar like sly said! That Is why you die
Omg James power up!
Nova is like Krillin YOLO don't apply to them when it comes to dbz
Frieza must now face Earth's greatest defense. THE RETARD SQUAD!
Faded Pictures Gaming
sly sang an avenged sevenfold song
my life=complete
Brings 'ccccccccc' to die in battle. Dies himself lmao
cccccccccc diary, day 2:
The Saiyan forced me into battle with Freiza, believing that I'd die
quickly, however I lived without being harmed by the constant beams of
purple light that he and his group call "Galic Guns." Unexpectedly, though,
the Saiyan himself fell victim to his own health depletions several times,
one caused by a mishap between himself and the so called "Foxian." And now,
I'm no longer confined to those aforementioned living quarters, but I fear
this is only because the Saiyan has disowned me. Hopefully I'll be able to
survive without his presence.
Signed, cccccccccc.
CookiesAreCookies CakesAreCakes
Does anyone know how to set up a survival server with friends?
so... has everyone forgotten that James can ascend twice right now? Pretty
sure that would help him if only even slightly.
Steven Barnes
Animated Classic right here people
You see, cccccccccc is the sound a snake makes...
So you didn't make a mistake, Nova :P
If Sly calls Frieza a "she" one more time! 
The Gaming Banana
I know you think it's cheating Nova but Sly has used this before.

/gamerule keepInventory True PLEEEEAAAASE
title should be Nova meets King Yemma, again, and again, and again
SSoUberhaxor HD
The Ginyu Force fight was better than this.
i dont think nova understands explosions and directly hitting a target :P
wow this mod is so shit lol
Avenged Sevenfold :D :D :D :D :D
Dominic Farace
I dont think James knows hes dying because his body energy keeps reaching
Stefan Ristic
where is GroundyMcSnake??? xD
J.T. Synge
None of them know anything about Dragon Ball anymore.
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