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Movie: FRIEZA BATTLE - Minecraft: Ex-Comm Dragon Ball Z Mod w/Nova, SSoHPKC & Slyfox Ep.36

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What I want to know is did Frieza even kill James once? o-o I'm pretty sure
all his deaths just came from damage done to him because his Body was
CookiesAreCookies CakesAreCakes
Does anyone know how to set up a survival server with friends?
so... has everyone forgotten that James can ascend twice right now? Pretty
sure that would help him if only even slightly.
If Sly calls Frieza a "she" one more time! 
Steven Barnes
Animated Classic right here people
You see, cccccccccc is the sound a snake makes...
So you didn't make a mistake, Nova :P
title should be Nova meets King Yemma, again, and again, and again
The Gaming Banana
I know you think it's cheating Nova but Sly has used this before.

/gamerule keepInventory True PLEEEEAAAASE
SSoUberhaxor HD
The Ginyu Force fight was better than this.
Stefan Ristic
where is GroundyMcSnake??? xD
i dont think nova understands explosions and directly hitting a target :P
wow this mod is so shit lol
Dominic Farace
I dont think James knows hes dying because his body energy keeps reaching
Avenged Sevenfold :D :D :D :D :D
J.T. Synge
None of them know anything about Dragon Ball anymore.
Chi Bulls
Someone use the Kamahamaha
Ray J Montoya
Anyone else get so upset after James lost his 40experience lol at least
he's at about 30 again tho
Frieza is male...
Zak Attak
R.I.P. Post it note. You will always stick to our harts.
Yozi Kun
where's t-dog dairy? >:o
kyle greenfield
james you have to point the blast at the ground if you want it to explode
not the target, and you are a lot weaker than sly and seamus so you should
train more.
Kawaii Chaos
Aim the super nova at the ground, I think more damage that way
Fellatio Horatio
They always prepare b4 these battles for like two eps but nonetheless just
go ape shit and punch the opponent and die several times lol
R.I.P Post-It Note R.I.P
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