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Movie: 700 HP ZL1 Camaro - 1/4 mile Drag Video - Redline Motorsports - 10.23 @ 138 mph - Road Test TV

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Harry Newhall
wow,nice n fast.
Allan Pedro
It's so beautiful 
Bob Rudnick
American muscle at its finest
fast for a new car
Will Flores
Here's Chevys answer to the Challenger Hellcat and the Camaro is still
faster lmao 
Bob Rudnick
American muscle at its finest
David Melchor
How cute an import against a monster xD
Are you kidding with the TT setup on the Z comment? Give me a break. It
would smash the stock engine in the Z trying to be within a second of the
Camaro and that is about it.
that z was stock it did 13.3!! a twin turo for the z and it would have
smashed !!
Dr. Chevy, I would like to place an order for one ZL1. Please advise where
to send check or money order. Thank you
Ricer Shit his PANTS~~~ hhahaha
Ooo , you don't like my humor. I think the little nissan was used to film
the Camaro from a different angle to be shown latter. Ck Biggest Fails at
PBIR, a losers perspective.
Huh, I thought that was the track officials with a leaf blower.
Charles Marshall
That's impressive, but it's also a second and a half slower than the
8.80s...160mph SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee on here!
Gerardo Gomez
♥♡♥♡♥♡♥camaro zl1♡♥♡♥♡♥♡
What rims are those on the back?
or maybe your mom sucking a dick
Uber Sean
all stock!
camaro> mustang!
Fazleeh Pachinko
يا الحبيب اولا جي تي ار سعره 380 الف تقريبا هذا اولا ثانيا ذاك الموتر مب جي
تي ار هذاك نيسان زد 350 موديل قديم (الجديد زد370 اقوى) وهذيك مب اي كمارو
اقرا شوي الكمارو هذي زد ال 1 عليها سوبر من الوكاله والي بالمقطع عليها تزيد
فوق هذا كله ومسويلي فيها الفاهم الخطير ياخوي اساسا تعليقك كله عباره عن "ابش
اللي" خلك بعيد عن سوالف السياير وخذلك كامري لا تموت
Saoud Almohsen
Very nice Camaro, impressive.
balboa motor
GT 5000000 00 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 00 0 0 0 0 00000000
piston rod
well you are then..
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