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Movie: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V

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It amazes me how this has damn near 2 billion views. Don't get me wrong,
it's awesome. But there are many other videos deserving of this many views.
And plenty other that don't deserve any at all *cough* Justin Bieber's Baby *cough
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I'm a rapper trying to get some recognition, can you guys give my music a
Everyone tweet the link to this video to your followers on Twitter! And
tell them to view this so we can get to 2,000,000,000 faster!:)
I remember watching this when it had 100,000,000 views.... *tear* they grow
up so fast...
The statistics for this video are ridiculous. Also lets make this the first
video on Youtube to reach 2 billion views.
Nafisa Xec
Seen this video two years ago and just found out today that Yoo Jae Suk was
the guy in that yellow suit....*_* I wish it was green (any Yoo Jae Suk fan
wud understand me XD)
Karl Dgo
The first time I saw this video I never thought this got so many views...!
Laurence Wilson
I know sometimes if you look in the tracks of a platform you can see the
mice scurrying around...
Gangnam Style and Gentleman gave the wrong impression of Psy to the world,
I've never been a huge fan but I've known his music since like 2008 and
he's actually an amazing performer and producer
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hamood ZX
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Adam B
im a kid skateboarder trying to get recognition, I would greatly appreciate
it if you guys checked out my videos
Blah threeonefivesix
almost the first video ever to have 2 billion views, if we can get it
before the 15th of july it will also be the first video to have 2 billiion
views in under 2 years. 47.383.984 views to go and we are there, let's hit
kason cheese
There is a glitch for getting more views on a video,
click out of the video and then click in the video,
do this over and over again.
Klan PlaysGames
Holy crap, I came on here after a long time and there is fucking 1 billion
Is there anyone in this world who knows what he is on about. Please speak
out and educate us lesser mortals seeking knowledge.
Guys look closely at the very beginning, you can see the whole crew in his
Juan Pablo Rojas
Omg ,i remember when this bombed the internet ,everybody was listening and
dancing with this song ,good times...good times
i know you guys have no idea what this is but can you still sign it (itsnot
somthing bad)
Isaak Hufanda
is this popular just because its funny or because we dont understand any
words in it besides gangnam style?
i came back to see what was the views and realised people still listen to
this? oh god
That's almost about 2 billion views, so that makes 2/7 of the world have
seen this.
seryogaon vas
Послушайте лучше queen Или beatles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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