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Movie: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (강남스타일) M/V

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Rafael Baldini

How much Money PSY makes only with this 2,12 Billion views' video on
Youtube (Gangam Style) ?! 

💵💴💲💰💱 *(US$)*
Ryan Veyr
how does this have 2 billion views when there are only 7 billion people in
the world?

* rereads comment *
"that just sounded f*cking retarded"
Neal Tomlinson
PSY is an Anti-American piece of shit, and I wouldn't piss on his face if
his chin was on fire.
Michelle Leighton
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Nico Cena
wtf 2.118.543.393 views? 
Erica Leighton
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Tristan Poupard
NO THERES ONLY 20 billon pepole in the world stupid dumbass!
Dao Ranaldo TV HD (young rhymes)
I'm disliking this shit 
steven brown
2 billion views.....this is the most viewed video of all time on YouTube
Still prefer this be the most viewed music video than the previous crown
Juvia Lockser とてもかわいい
Juvia cant believe it's been 2 going-to-be 3 years since this came out...
Jeff Knobloch
2 billion views? What planet am I on? Lol
Gabriel Barsch
2 billions, holy fuck !!!
dolardan hızlı yükseliyo pezevenk
Sebastian Gottret
I've got 243 subscribers. How many do you got? Now who's the loser?
Manuel Arens
Kwl vid
I wish to comprend wut he is sayng ._.
ezekiel susantono
Some parts in here is so gross
Go for 2 billion
Evgeny Murashkin
Here must be more comments
Yo Mama
In about a year this video has managed to get one billion views that's
pretty damn impressive
Marcus O\'connor
Just came here to see if it has hit 2 billion yet
Trisha TheCool
I think it will be 2 billion viewers next
Rymson Pst
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