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Movie: 140309 도전천곡 GOT7 _ 날떠나지마

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jyp's song kkk
ahahahaha jr looks so excited!! lol jyp nation ftw :D
omg.... she looks so different...
please tell me that woman isnt actually a singer because gawd 
nelly baechimi
so cute kkkkkkkk~
nonono pink
2J <3
Jr. Everlasting
140309 도전천곡 GOT7 Cut

이때 너무보기 좋았어요ㅠㅠㅠJYP ♡
cheng poyu
最後唱歌的那個女生和jb Jr.一起拍過dream high2
여자분 왜케 노래 못부르지? 가수 아니셨나?
Jr. Everlasting
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