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Movie: Maroon 5 - Give A Little More

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Marjorie Bla
I just discovered this song, now i'm addicted. 
I love love LOVE this song!! It's totally catchy and sexy and I love the
beat. I think Maroon 5 is one of the few enjoyable bands of today. 
J zoe
Now you taste past the poison, you learn to love is gone. What does it
mean? Is that even a sentence?
Adam Levine lover 2001
This song is so addicting 😮I love him😍😘
Silvia Lima
Maroon 5 - Give A Little More
xD that was me at 2:46
muito legal
The 80s
stupid band emos, this sucks.
Yes Adam, I've been bad.....😉😍😘
Melina Del Mar Orgulloso Quiroz
fantaseando con esta canción >u<
Marty Trindle
I love his style :)
Marlon Tabora
this song is addictive XD 
Erika Nieto
I love This Band :3 Adam so sexy :3 :)
Un poco de ritmo para este viernes
Where my Pisces at ?
I love you Adam

Melina Del Mar Orgulloso Quiroz
La mejor banda y el mas papasito vocalista del mundo
Joya Johnson
I was already hyperventilating as soon as Adam looked in the screen and
said "now you've been bad."
julio hernandez
the beginning is so red hot chili peppers
La Loba
Love the feel of this song.
i know it seems like im on every video.... loll because i am though.. check
me out
I love it!!
r mitchell
im trying to do my homework while listening to this..i haven't started a
sentence, i've been dancing the whole time.
Has anyone noticed that Adam Levine and Andrew Lincoln have some
similarities? Like same initials, kinda Look alike with the beards, and
there both on very popular shows :D
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