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Movie: The Electric Company season 5 opening titles

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what the hell is this show?
Adam Smith
I discovered the Electric Company in 2nd grade in 1996. My teacher used to
make us watch a period of the show just before taking a spelling test. I
was more into the funky 1970's style of the show.

My mom was shocked when I asked her if she watched Electric Company as a
kid. Lol 
Silvia Moralez
HEY YOU GUY-Y-Y-Y-SSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Electric
Company show...I loved watching this!
James Radski
Johnny Knoxville kinda looks like Crank with the hat and mustache! lol
Quaalude Charlie
:) QC
Chloe Fletcher
Her ruffly dress is too short. You can see her panties, or hopefully
they're bloomers. But it was the 70's and they didn't think the kids would
think anything about it.
Roy Hembree
When Sloth shouts "Hey, you guys," he's quoting that line from *The
Electric Company* opening credits. #thegoonies
aljabr osama
زمان يافن
Harry Johnson
My parents had me watching this stuff when I was a kid, now I know what is
Peter Arriaga

Me and my fiance are sitting together in front of my computer, watching
this together, blazed off our fuckin asses. 
Quaalude Charlie
oh Time flies by so fast , I remember season 5 like it was last week :\ QC
Chloe Fletcher
That shouting is so scary. I never liked that light bulb and that guy at
the end of every show.
Chloe Fletcher
I hate that yelling. My dad and his brothers grew up on this show. I
watched early episodes of this show as well as 90's and 2000's ones too.
One of the best children's educational shows, next to Schoolhouse Rock!,
Sesame Street, Bill Nye the Science Guy, and Reading Rainbow.
Gregory E.
Old enough to remember this? Recognize any of the actors?!
That's true too. The reason why I felt and thought they should have called
this show "The Speech Company" was because the loud shouting of "Hey You
Guys" always made me cry when I was very young. (I remember after Sesame
Street ended I thought Mister Rogers Neighborhood was next and I sat calm,
and all of a sudden the loud shouting came which made me cry). If there was
no loud shouting I probably would have watched this show. Another title can
be "The Electical Speech Company."
Celine Brown
Ta ya
Morgan Freeman--the coolest guy on kid's tv.
Damn, that break at 1:09. There's only one word to describe it:
I never watched this show when I was very young because I was scared
hearing the "Hey You Guys" shouting in the beginning but, I know this show
was about "spelling and grammar", so I was wondering why they couldn't call
this show "The Speech Company" instead of "The Electric Company" since
"speech and grammar" have nothing to do with electricity and if they called
this show "The Speech Company." The beginning can have someone in the
background softly saying "Welcome To The Speech Company."
Lea Tucker
I remembered this when I was a little girl.
IKR !!
Fargo, realizing his desk is missing; Jennifer teaching something to Paul;
Easy Reader jogging; Valerie reminding Julie about library rules; Crank
getting a celebration he did NOT want; Pandora with a very trashed Is; and
Dr. Doolots talking on the phone and being disconnected. Hilarious and
happy memories. :)
Rita Moreno's beaded midriff top - Stylish!
Russell Castine
The show was more about learning how to read which can give kids and people
knowledge and knowledge is "power".
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