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Movie: I TURNED DOWN $60K! #330

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Jaylesia Johnson
Jor is almost bigger than Jerry lol..
Back when I was an undergrad, I approached a professor after getting a 78%
on a test when I knew I did much better than that. It turns out that I
wasn't fully bubbling in the scantrons, and my real grade was really a
Corine Fagain
You haven't seen bipolar weather until you come to Ohio. It's bad here. We
get Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring in one week.
Yung Jiffy
s/o to the under 301 people ( we the real mvp)
Rob J.
Dee I recommend working with someone first to get that real business owning
experience and then open your own business! Good luck!!!
Entity Boom
I know that feel of turning down a job...I just recently turned down an 80k
job as a platform engineer......... ;_;
I wish I could get the results from all yall hard work at the gym
Morning grapevines! School closed also work is cancelled! I'm catching up
on episodes today!
Good morning every one! Dee all the best on starting your own business. You
can not create wealth working a job! Plus you need to leave a legacy for
your kids: you can't leave a job for them because the job is your boss'
business. You need this book "The business of the 21st Century" by Robert
Kiyosaki. They don't teach these things in College.
Reminder: Proverbs 3:6 "In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall
direct thy paths". If God leads you ,you can't go wrong!!!!!Blessings. Love
your family!
Mariah Propes
I shouldn't watch these so early, because I never have anything to look
forward to for the rest of the way. Can you post two a day lmao?
Saydi Poth
I love how Dee says ootd haha. You guy's are the best :) Your vlogs always
make me laugh:)
Jerry we watched and heard (some with headphones) J3 scream cry while
following you around the house doing chores. We're used to babies crying.
Thumbs up for this video just because of those epic J3 and Jor moments!
DJ Qua dinero | Your girl favorite producer
You trying to kill J3 putting JorJo on him.
Cassity Yeye
Baby jerry is going to be the best big brother 😍😊.
This family had come so far since the first vlogs! Dee & Jerry have grown
as individuals, as parents and as a couple & I couldn't be more proud!!!!
I'm super excited to see what the future holds 💜🍇#grapevineswemadeit
#lavignelifewemadeit #whodat
Jays Rosie
Grapevines, has anyone tried that premier protein shake in the Ad? I want
to get a protein drink to replace one or two meals but I hate the gritty
and chalky feeling of most protein drinks. Please share a review with me if
you have.
Dee was your midterms on scantron of written on? Just curious bc many of
mine are on scantron so a machine grades it but I still want to meet with
my professor to see what I missed. Great tip and congrats!! Superwoman!!
Raylaya Albert
Is JoJo starting to crawl or I'm I seeing things? 😂😂
LB Jones
Love from Arkansas. I've never missed a vlog. Thank u for working hard and
sharing your family with us. :)
My cousin studied the same major as Dee. She is currently in debt and
working a low wage job with two kids. Don't fall for the trap. 
Natural_ Lista
Dee's waist is looking snatched!! I see you boo 
tiara smoke
DAMN dee looking too good <3 
Akeilah Campbell
Another GREAT episode Lavignes! Congratulations on the prospective
Entrepreneurial outlook Dee! Jerry keeping holding and binding Man! You're
B-Balln is getting much better. Your shot is fluent and becoming more and
more consistent! Jor is going to walk soon. She's ADORABLE! J3 is so
attentive and more caring with/for Jor! He's developing so well! The
workouts between you two are awesome! Keep up the great partnership and
parenting! Ya'll deserve it! 👏👏👏👏😍😊
Jennifer Rose Shipman
I loved this video! Dee congrats on passing two midterms so far!! I'm sure
you passed your other ones too. And Jerry I LOVED the part you guys went on
a walk and you put both J3 and Jordan in the stroller. I thought it was
adorable how J3 always wanted to get back in and be with Jordan. And the
looks on their faces were adorable lol Also I loved when they both were
attacking you at your desk haha what a great family!
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