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Movie: HDC Galaxy S4 Legend Review - MT6589 Quadcore -- Gesture Control -Samsung S5 Clone? ColonelZap

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Mine doesn't recognise any micro sd cards I install and won't focus on
anything but the internal memory, forcing me to stick to only a small
number of apps. how do people manage to actually use sd cards with these
devices? This isn't the first time I had this problem with cheap android
Iz Arsha
why no camera review?
I've bought several Chinese S4 clones and none of them have working GPS -
despite having a green GPS icon. The map works through AGPS telephone tower
triangulation. LOL.
Worse to come, all these phones have been routed to show false information
on Antutu. Most have a single core 1GHz MTK6515 processor, but all show
quad core 1.6Ghz processor on Antutu.
Buyer beware - you get what you pay for! 
+Colonel Zap does this phone come with the play store already installed?
patrick kennedy
Is the universal remote on this phone like the s4 real 
Vigi Amiti
when I do factory data reset heave gasture controll ??/
Rohan Kohli
how can i upgrade this phone to android 4.3 it shows no upgrade available
plss help
In your opinion what is the best phone in this price range; (under $180).
Shane Hampton
I see that there is a piece of tape on the back cover below the camera, was
that there when you got it? Or did you put it there? Also, could i turn of
the Inferred Sensors to not glow that pinkish color?
Alex jeuh
I want to buy this phone but i want somw information about it,
Does it fit in the original flipcases and airviewflipcase?
Does the multiwindow app work
And the infrared to control television and stuff
Thnx and great vido btw
I have owned this phone before and there are many negatives.
-In UK data is poor, network switches constantly from H to H+, no DATA on H
(tried many solutions still no fix (i live in london city)
-Gaming is laggy
-poor battery life with battery given
- if i restart phone the battery life drops
- flashlight is rubbish comparing to s3 mini
- I feel static electric on my hands if i touch the back of the phone with
the case open
- unresponsive capacitive buttons
- phone too big for one handed use
I have bought the MOTO G and it is the best phone ever for me with 4.4.2
kitkat there is not ONE negative at all and the price is 150 for 16gb model!
If you live in UK do not buy MTK phones as they do not have enough network
bands for networks such as T-Mobile it results in loss of connection many
I sold the S4 Clone for 150 :)
I've got this phone with genuine Samsung battery and it's awesome now, I
have a problem with white or bright spots on my screen which ruin the
ezperience. I think I might e the glass has been pressed on the display but
idk for sure, can you help me?
festus seiwoh
how did u get the s voice mine dosent and cant find a way to download it
Manuel Silva
Wich is better,this phone or the hdc galaxy s4 lte ????
Orlando Medina
Hi Colonel Zap, You know if HDC Legend have floating touch like the
original S4 ? Thanks.
John Mcnulty
Hi, is this model 1:1, same as OEM version ?
Attila Fesus
anyone knows how to change the location in the Weather widget? When I try
to add a city and type in the name, nothing happens.
George Ivi
after how much time does the phone stop working ? haha ( because of the
fact that it's a clone) 
Azmi Amin
Do you have a stock ROM for this? Mind sending to me?Thanks
Joni Vlore
how long durates battery can you tell me ?
Does the 3g work?
can u install huge games n apps directly into the ext. sd card...?....or
does it install only into the phione memory?
Can You check "WCDMA-GSM 900" ?????
Colonel Zap
Hi :-) Yes, it has a MT6589 and 1GB RAM. Forget the Universal whatever CPU,
the manufacturer of this phone faked those system infos very well, that's
why some stores have it listed in their specs.
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