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Movie: Utah wants to Register Gardens! Agenda 21?

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They want to be able to come and "mine" your "resources." (i.e. your food,
if you haven't been able to figure that out)
They want to know who doesn't buy all of their food from the supermarket.
Holly Carol
I have lived too long, I never thought I would actually see us fall into
Nice video man
gabriele konig
People are under the illusion that the property they pay or paid for
belongs to them. Try not paying your property tax or income taxes and see
who gets to sell your house or land. Whoever has the right to sell your
property is the owner not you. It's a scam and we have all fallen for it,
all around the world.
Thank you
DON"T DO IT! any attempt to 'register' something on your property can only
lead to counting, taxing, and then regulating — possibly right out of
it's about knowing who to fine as well! THAT'S WHY THEY WANT YOU TO
REGISTER! so they know who to keep an eye on!
Well there is good logic to this. They need to know what camps to put us
in. I mean if we know how to grow things, we should be put in the Patriot
Growers Collective. If we know how to weld and work with steel, well then
it is the Strength of Freedom Works. If we know how to raise children, we
will be honored to be assigned to The Growing Homeland corps. Regardless of
where we are assigned, it will bring us great joy to bring prosperity to
our leaders. May they grow fat and powerful.
Exactly. Do a search and you will find the UN has stated that they use food
as a weapon.
Oh ok it should work now. thanks
What region are you from? Thanks
That's been my saying too..... And IMHO same goes with the media. It's
funny how naive people are. But if you actually listen, you can sense
everything they're saying isn't true. Thanks
not going to join this list or any list with my garden. They are marking
people down for when they come for people to put people in camp fema . They
will use food as a tool to get people to willfully go. Us gardeners are a
threat to them.
Well there have been raids in CA against raw food vendors, and raids
against the Amish who were selling raw milk. Yes the FDA has firearms...go
GaryMule many people go to facebook and tell everyone exactly what they
do each and everyday?
Wow... I hope that the good people of Utah don't fall for this trick! It's
not like it's an innocent group of citizens. It's the dept of agriculture
and they'll plan on harvesting what they aren't planting. Socialism at it's
finest. My food is MY resource! Not, the states!
At least we (gardeners) will all be together! LOL Mrs. LP
Exactly. They wont jsut come out and state things, but they will use key
words to express their meaning. It is all there in plan sight if you have
eyes to see...
James Hayes
Someone once said; Beware of wolves in sheep clothing! Who was that? Oh yea
the ONE who knew everything. Just a thought I wanted to share.
You forgot about Edith, Gary! LOL Mrs. LP
Give it time, and it will be a crime not to register your garden
They infer that you are nothing but a peasant who must answer to the
all-powerful state. What happens if you have a garden one year...and stop
'producing' the following growing season? Do they charge you with 'wasting
resources'? And they tax you on the food you've grown?
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