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Movie: Minecraft PE Elemental TNT Mod

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kevin stelljes
Bis i van Chance the TNT by this mod? 
Isaak Johnson
OMG diamond ore THAT'S SO OP!
I thought the water was an aquifer 
DJ 360X
Cool mod
assassit Johnson
Wow my ipad mini can't even load the first 5 seconds without stopping 
jose manuel gonzalez ramirez
Who cares if he says butter I say butter and people have been able to
accept that
Who cares if he says butter I say butter and people have been able to
accept that
Its just like the element creepers
Max Foulkes
noah meave
how did u get diamond ive been trying to find it i have gold but no diamond
and i have one tnt
Adam Klement
Nice :DDD
james molley
Wit it is calld
calvin morgan
Is everything gay ?
joseph adamo
@fire fox child your stupid
~Jack Swift~
Does any one know I can get regular TNT in minecraft,when I erase the mod
the TNT still stays as the certain element.
The only good one is dimond ore
That's not true...
John Nguyen
@FireFox Child You are really dumb
Naidely Parada
1+ sub
Zulqarnain Deen
Dude how do u get the mod i bet u just put the stuff under and covered it
with grass
please teach me
Ryu Vongsaly
Yo guys watch this vid it shows u how to download glide mod 0.6.1 nope not
fly mod, but glide mod. /watch?feature=plcp&v=zQzRvc46q5c
Marcus Chung
Damn u guys who say gold or butter it should be budder because you should
watch the skys squid movie and on that movie he SAID BUDDER
if he did the water would be lowe
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