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Movie: How To Pick Up & Get Kissed by Girls - Compilations 2014 | READ DESCRPTION

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Dharma Kissoon
didn't know white guys like big butts
James Lapenna
Sub to me

arthur chal
14:28 i could swear thats katie cummings.
Omar Irizarry
Vitaly Streaks Again
These hoes ain't loyal.
Emmy Charles
This staged !
Lance Pascasio
The blonde girl that he kissed during the three questions had a cute voice.
Kristan Alleyne
Fck it rite in the pussi

DAMN!!! I got start my own prank show. :-D
Alto Torn
why cant i do this shit
Joebee boss
Lol the camera guy points the camera at her ass
He's obviously hacking 
Manny Toledo
This shiiii funny af. Nigga straight hittin on random females n shiii lmao
william hutchinson
thats a set up he would get is teeth kicked in if really going up to women
doing that
what is the song ( that they recorden when he walked trough it ) ( maybe
bad grammar not english )
Salar Valla
Vitalys voice cracked so much 😂
Bader al bader
VITALYZDTV is the best
Kanye Coe
Lol thats what my sister told me last night XD
That short Wolverine looking dude is a fucking Storm Trooper on Bane Juice
for pulling chicks like that.
kassi koil
4:14 free ass cam
Tyler Conwell
He a player at end of the video
Max Aguilar
I did the three questions were he asked"do you think I'm attractive, the
excuse for not kissing," and believe
or not but it worked
Hilarious vitaly! :D
James payoute
lucky man
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