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Movie: Poem of Imam Haddad - Ya ali ma Recited by Habib Kadhim al-Saqqaf & Sheikh Ibrahim Osi Efa

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Azhar al husayn
salam.. can anyone put translate at this video...really appreciate :)
JazakAllah khair, does anyone know where you can get this with Arabic and
English translation?
The words are taken from the Qasida 'Ya Rabbi Ya Alimal Hal' by Sayyiduna
Abdullah bin Alawi al Haddad. Type it into google and go to the first link
to find the words and translation.
aslamualikum brother do u have the translation wasalam
SubhanALlah , probably my favourite qasid, and finally its on youtube,
JazakAllah , much appreciated, and if you have any other gems similar to
this, please upload YA ALIMA SIRRI MINNA
Muhammad Aasim
whats this about what he mean original video? i dont get it
Muhammad Raihan Borhan
Salam Ikhwans, To get the lyrics just search imam al haddad diwan and click
the link to sunniforum, download the PDF which is the Diwan and go to page
no. 562.
@pinny221 im also looking for the arabic text with english trans - if any1
has it - pls upload/provide link. shukran :) love this Qasidha <3
Masha'Allah ❤
Kamaal Malik
Can you post the original video? Thanks
Muhammad Aasim
lyrics and translation for verses plz very gud
Nugrahary Cahya Ramadhani
@Thayu1 Yaa 'Alima sirri minna, La tahtika sitra 'anna, wa aafina wa'
fuanna, wa kun lana haitsu kunna
Ahmed Sheikh
mashallah beautiful
Muhammad Aasim
what do u mean?
MashaAllah!! simply beautiful!! Alf JazakaAllah Khairan for sharing, no
doubt it must be a Barakah filled gathering with the presence of the best,
physically and spiritually! may ALLAH preserve the habaibs and their
students and InshaAllah we benefit from them in every way, Ameen Ya Rab
Can someone pls upload the translation on here :)
Ya Allah, preserve the habibs who are alive, and bless the souls of those
who have died. Amin!!!! Salams from Brazil
what oes ali ma mean
faisol alsaqof
My favourite nasheed!
Muhammad Aasim
wat does he mean and wat do u mean?
Miss Understood
"original video" = a video of them praying - it doesn't exists as it was
recoded on a audio recorder and no video cameras were present on that day.
"you will see it on the Day of Judgement" = The afterlife - will see on
DofJ means you will see and hear them pray it in the hereafter. InshaAllah!
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