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Movie: Drake - 0 to 100 / The Catch Up (Explicit).

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KinG Nas (100 subs)?
Drake is the tupac of new school rap
How can he use the word nigga, and my ppl be okay with that?? When he came
2 my city and me and my homies were sayin wut up my kike, he look'd
offended but he didn't say shit.. Isn't that a double standard?? The beat
bang'n tho... aka Blaze
Marcus Cannom
And he didn't let Chief Keef get a verse, and he knows Chief Keef is the
king of rap.
Hottest in the game right now:
1) Kendrick Lamar
2) Drake
3) J cole
4) Hopsin
Manny S
Don't get me wrong, I like Drakes music but I swear, he's such a pussy

Why does he always start with some hiphop beat and then always does some
RnB feminine shit at the end
Mike Butterfield
1. Eminem 2. Kendrick Lamar 3. Drake
Drake ovo
how smart are you guys?

1.Your mom had 4 kids north east west.... what was the last one?
2. a plane crashes between Georgia and Florida where do you bury the
3. what weighs more a pound of cotton or a pound of stone?
1) Drake
2) Childish Gambino
3) Chance the Rapper
5202240480421210429257375) Rick Ross's tits
5202240480421210429257376) Rick Ross
If you can say these 4 words without getting tongue tied, you are a genius
drake the typa nigga get nervous when his poop green
Arthur El Fluffy
My question for this song Is Why Is he constantly using The word nigga?
Like seriously, he's not even fucking close to being black. No wonder he's
friends with that gay ass faggot wayne 
Alize Rose
Drake - 0 to 100
Jesus Cat
Drake=Most feminine artist
Dhanveer Sandhu
I don't know why this guy is rated so much. I like his songs but he cant
rap, so to accompany the rap he starts singing??? Wtf no wonder he gets
hate all the time. 
Chicago KillinEm
Drake is a fruity ass nigga, but This beat goes hard though
Jay Ali
J Cole dropping a new album YEAHH BOIIII!!!!
1. Heathie C
2. T.C. Rapper
3. Lil Josh
4. Top Dawg (Ean Griffiths)
5. Iggy Azalea
Top rappers

this is the song that made me think that Drake is actually not a terrible
Aaerios | NBA 2K15 & Madden 15 Play-By-Play
Best rapper in the game:
Cori Vaughn
Would be dope if this was a response to the #ferguson case with angry
1.Miley Cyrus 2.Justin Bieber 3.Ke$ha
sim ami
"He aint show up". But his ass showed up to be in the Worst Behavior video.
Remember (MF)?
Rachel Griggs
If you dislike this song why are you listening to it? Go away, no one wants
to hear you be a little bitch
Gabe Astard
Is "0 to 100" the acceleration niggas produce when they steal your bike?
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