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Movie: ONCE INICIAL / LINE-UP: Deportivo-Real Madrid

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Real Madrid C.F.
La alineación del partido ante el Deportivo.
Our starting XI against Deportivo.
#DEPvsRealMadrid #RMLive 
Christopher De Freitas
+Malhar Carvalho +Obi Nwozo soooo guys.....8-2? We were amazing on the
offence, everyone was incredible, no doubt, but i have to give major credit
to james and karim benzema who were absolutely incredible, especially james
rodriguez who looks devastating every time he has the ball. I also thought
illaramendi looked very important to us when he came on, and maybe with a
bit more confidence, he'll be a regular in the team. But my god
fellas....chicarito.....those were some AMAZING goals...where did that
performance come from? And well the highlight of this game to me was
james's SCREAMER 
Spain Charlex
Hala madrid!!! Por cierto como se llama la cancion de fondo?
Kacper Zombirt
music ?
Give Isco a chance instead of that overrated player James. And you have
Carvajal as an option and you're putting in Arbeloa? Are u ok Ancoletti?
And maybe it's time for Casillas to take a seat on the bench and let Keylor
Navas show some of his magic.
Ladekabel Lp
Why casillas?-.- Navas is better
Jason Moga
Why Casillas ?! Casillas in goal shot = goal
Carval is injured idiot !!! ... again they play without def3nsive
midfielder again we will get goals. Casilias idiot ia not the problem
defence without defensive midfielder and you gonna loose...put
illaramendi and isco in ...james is 0
Valentina tovar castro
Ganamos 8-2 GRANDE JAMES!
Glad to see they are giving all the new players a chance, but no Navas.
HALA MADRID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vamos Real!
zumyra rahath
Arbeloa ? .
MaYeRs NoLife
music name plz ? 
Irving Mustakrakish
porque benzema de titular? ayer ancelotti dijo chicharito de inicio

alomejor se arrepintio jajaja :v
Murillo Bryan
Carvajal :'(
0:3 ¡Hala Madrid!
Stalin Mirallas
Marcelo y Arbeloa titulares ?? No jodas Carletto mete a Coentrao y Carvajal
Sergii murillo
Hala Madrid <3
Jose Cod
hora del partido porfavor? española o colombiana no importa, por favor la
Baenzema out 
pienso que debemos comprar a de sciglio o a kurzawa, son sin duda los
mejores laterales izquierdos jovenes del mundo
fidel gutierrez
hala Madrid!!

Give a chance to navas, casillas to old now!!
jean carlos jimenez maldonado
Hora del partido en venezuela?
Ping Pong
pepe ?
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