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ffp: Stop cheating in Counter-Strike and other games.

Movie: One Rich Mother F*cker! - Grand Theft Auto 5

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Hannah Matthews
I'd like to meet a player who's "earned" their millions, not cheated, used
glitches or exploited the game. 
John Smith
The title of this video is fucking stupid. The reason why I say that is
because instead of a u in the word fucker, there is an asterisk. There is
no need to use an asterisk. We all already know what it is supposed to say.
Come on now.
Zubair Hossain
░░░░░░▐▌▀▄▀▄▀▐▄SPOOKY SKILENTON
jacob coleman
gat on the ps3 is the best but gta on the ps4 is so ducking shit
John Sampson
This is one of the most uncomfortable videos I've ever watched. Listening
to a semi-autistic kid get over-excited about driving a monster truck in a
video game is just the height of cringe-worthy. It's just horribly,
horribly uncomfortable hearing him sing sentences because he's over-excited
about something most people would just do expressionless.
Holly Mackinnon
literally no shit just started playing gta 5 again after watching this and
the car that he was obsessing over appeared i am proud :) i had to change
it to matte black
Could anyone on this 2014 Christmas do a money lobby plz?!
And invite me to it plz
Gemini Phoenix
I'm level 97 and have grinded for all of my money. I have two ten car
garages, and an apartment with a 10 car garage built in. So technically I
have 3 garages. I have all of the following fully customized: Adder,
Entity, Cheetah, Vacca, Infernus, Turismo, Bullet, Zentorno, Z-type, Voltic
Coil, Comet, Massacro, Jester, Feltzer, Coquette, Obey 9f, Carbonizarre,
Rapid GT, Banshee, and a couple of cars that I do not have fully upgraded
yet. It might have been a pain in the ass but I feel more accomplished than
any douche who uses hacks or glitches. I know that I earned my stuff
legitimately. I also have around $1,000,000 that i'm trying to spend on
something, but I haven't decided yet. I also don't use shark cards either.
They're a gimmick, and a waste of money imo.
I have about 3,090,000 dollars in gta online, add me:R34LxG
Why this video have a lot of views than any other gameplay of GTA 5?
Tyler Sepulveda
Oh, the days when the veyron was the best car in GTA...
Josh Edwards
This video has 77k likes and viewed over 8 million times...the million
dollar question is why??? 
Nisa Safdar
Lol you think hes rich, iv got 2 garages and 20 fully pimped out cars e.g.
Zentorno, adder, cheetah, bati etc.
funny looking at him struggle to change the radio 
Id love to punch this nerd in the face commentating on this video just
Matt Venable
Wow people stop answering questions that was asked a year ago WTF like they
haven't found out by now 
evelyn gaft
I recommend you get the Rapid GT convertible
Lucas Rouille
I wasted in total of 4,457,078 dollars in gta
Walter Bridges
i mean you should've went to see if he had insurance on his car because if
he dint you chould've stole it
Callum Edwards
obviousley a money glitch
Dan Bennett
I was richer than this and I had 7 billion, this guy has a few million and
thinks he's the richest man on the game 
Andrea García
Please can someone ps3 gameshare? I want this game so bad but I don't have
the money to spend for it, please someone?
Francisco Sanchez
That guy is in a high level hes not rich he just plays GTA alot

What an annoying cunt. 
killed the chopper pilot. Plane crashed into chopper. Karma bitch!
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