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ffp: Stop cheating in Counter-Strike and other games.

Movie: One Rich Mother F*cker! - Grand Theft Auto 5

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John Smith
The title of this video is fucking stupid. The reason why I say that is
because instead of a u in the word fucker, there is an asterisk. There is
no need to use an asterisk. We all already know what it is supposed to say.
Come on now.
Aaron Paul
Does anyone have gta iv tbogt or lost and damned on ps3 ? or gta v on xbox
Falcon Height
How do you make it so it shows what money is in the bank and what money
Bells Castillo

lol jk
I have the Entity, Cheetah, Turismo, Vacca, Jester, Infernus, Coquette,
Zentorno, Adder, Carbonizzare, Sandking XL, Voltic, Sultan RS, Bati 801,
Dominator, Comet and Bifta (most of them fully modified). I had the Z-Type,
Thrust, and Obey 9F but I sold them. I also have the Rhino.
Ben Roberts
It's annoying watching this, because I know where the fire station actually
Oskar Lew
I know why you are a noob because you just steal people cars that's why
igot all adders in my garage but not all i got 1 zentorno then the rest is
adders i brought 2 shark card that give u 8 mil and it cost about 60
dollars so i paid like 120 dollars on a add on of gta 5 plus i brought more
shark cards like 2 months later so right now i got 25 mil plus when i did
the car glitch with my adder now i got 79 mil
Matched Player...
If i get 20 likes ill do 20 pushups :)
grant marotz
Please stop making this video a big deal. This person got that money from a
hacker or DNS user since this video was made during that time when DNS's
were used a lot. And considering his rank he definatly got it from a DNS.
Now im not calling him a cheater or a hacker since he was not using one
since he did not have god mode like almost all DNS's had then. And don't
get pissed off at me im just stating facts. Also don't forget that any
money he hade in this video was taken away in the patch. So now he is poor
as hell and dosent have those cars anymore since he sold them for money.
This actually happened to me I was given a large amount of cheated money
and it was all taken away in the patch but I was theft with the millions
that I hade gotten myself. So it really didn't pay off for him in the end
and he might think next time that maybe he should have told rockstar his
name and the amout he got from said cheater like I did. I was even rewarded
for being honest and they let me keep the money until it got patched so I
could have fun.
Astro Plays
I'm not trying to be mean, or a troll and i'm probably going to get shit
from all the subs, but why does this guy have 8,000,000 subs? I mean,
anyone can do this kind of commentary. There's really nothing to it, a lot
of people do this, but this guy out of all the commentators gets so many
subs? can anyone explain? 
falcon eye
Hi man could you please send me the GTA 5 game for PC ?
4:20 lesson 1,: aggressive NPC's always lose a fight against a player. Why
to run? XD
Those cars aren't even good I have a way better garage 
Oussama Essamadi
gameplay is fucking amazing, im playing it on singleplayer ,but on
multiplayer, looks more funny
Cody Smith
What rank are you on
Μιχαλης Γιωτας
Chrissy Allport
Gay boy no one likes u unlooky. u are level 6 im level 151 at gta5 online
franco Bonomo
This might be the dumbest video to ever go so viral. wow!
Preston Joslin
Alicia Todd if you think the xbone can run PC graphics then you should see
ps4 the ps4 you might just want to burn your stupid xbox
TheDarkGamingCorporation -Joonaaskr
You called it TheMonsterFuck
I know this is terrible but when I played the game I ran over a dear. 
Alex Mason
yes you can buy a buggati from the internet on your phone its called the
adder and a good car is the eleghy r8 do it up and its pretty good and the
best car is the zentorno
General Smith
The best car is to use a Bugatti
Joseph Robinson
I want this game sooo freaking bad! I'll definitely buy this game if I were
allowed to.
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