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Movie: Lesnik - Hot dogs

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Roberto Jemio Leyton
Porque tantos Bronys aquí xD?
sounds like a song gamzee would make
Erlend Langseth
Anybody know what tools are used?
Ignatius Umbrella
This is great!
The Sir
one dislike? how can you not love this
lol. this song "hot dogs" another song by you, "one hot dog" and another
"hot dogs 2" lmfao i've never rofled so much in my entire life, you've
earned a sub for that
ppft. shows what YOU know, stupid kid O_O
G'dam, I love chiptunes. And how much awesome stuff I find by following
bronies around. Seriously.
Reksio! ;)
Actually, they do. If you've ever seen a brony hater's comment, you'd know
This is why I don't interact with other bronies. They do THIS shit.
actually im enjoying the show too :1
Wait, what does this song have to do with any of that? I'm just curious.
I hope this doesn't mind being in my favs!
wow way to ruin the vibe..
For some reason the 'Booming' noise reminds me of Slenderman (dna).....But
I love this tune. I love the rhythm and the rather uplifting feel it
provides C:
*Goes to look at some chiptunes* *Absolutely infested with bronies* *sigh*
I actually didn't get here because of a shitty YTPMV.
@OhGodIHasNoName Cant handle a pony on you're screen? Oh god forbid
something you don't like exists.
@OhGodIHasNoName (finger)
Robby McClellan
I like how people cant just listen to this vid, why do ppl have to express
their hatred towards something on someone else's vid. If your a brony who
cares, if you hate bronies again who cares. Cant we all just get along.
Sure the show was intended for little girls, but it turned out to be liked
by millions, maybe even billions of ppl. Maybe its just me but i see no
reason for this crap. Thank you for your time.
Yeah scratch out the part where I said said "Us". I'm not a Brony anymore.
I came to my senses and realized that Bronies are..... weird? I can't find
the difference between bronies and furries. They're both have a weird
fetish of animals and they both draw porn soooooo, what the difference? (I
said that to a brony group and they got mad at me :P)
@Tojeczek It's hard
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