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Movie: NASA To Release\" Earth Shaking\" Info To The Public on November 13... ( video )

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Andrew Bryant pianotunerbristol
God bothering bloody idiot!
Mike Lee
More prophetic BULLSHIT.
And a year on ........and.........same same...... 
Gary Larrabee
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willow woods
the group of psychopaths running nasa believe themselves to be gods when in
actuality they are fools. the big excitement in november was comet ison,
which they deceived the public about. it is now december and nasa did not
release any earth shaking info or should i say disinfo.
Honestly, I had a thought the other day.... Religion may be nothing short
of being stories from the ones that knew SCIENCE best in the real OLD
days. Born and Raised Catholic and believe in God, too. Just think about
William Gabbert
Yea,I said that I would re-post in a couple weeks ...2 weeks its
the 19th? When do you suppose you will come to the realization ..Nothing
David Owen
I don't know where you got your data,it is now November 17.
Tyrone Pookie
I know that is some real stuff going on but I am tired of being
hoodwinked.. I will not pay anymore attention to dates.. I know that Nibiru
is here but there is a lot of disinformation going on. I am tired of these
assholes on youtube making a fool of me. Martial law in October, something
was supposed to happen in fema region 3, there was supposed to be an
annoucement on Novermeber 13th by NASA, I have not even heard anything on
the news about the black-out drill that was supposed to happened
yesterday. I know that Nibiru is here. I saw it more than once. Hell
anybody can see the pink shade in the sky before the sun comes up and after
the sun goes down. But there is definitely a bunch of disinformation going
please stop with the God fiery tales. God is no more real than Santa
Clause. just because you read it in a book doesn't make it real. religion
is dying as we all figure out that God is a way for Religion to control
you, just like my parents tried to make me be good because Santa Clause was
watching me. The Bible is listed as Fiction because there is no evidence to
back up anything in it. so lets talk about Science and Meteors and don't
make yourself look silly by talking about some fictional character. 
inb4 apocalypse 
Missy West
Thanks for caring enough to make a video Gary, we are not 'out of the
woods' yet but for the NASA announcement that was a hoax. No idea who did
this hoax though so it could have been done to prepare people who knows.
I'm writing this on Nov. 14th. Somebody fill me in on what happened. I must
have missed it! LOL!!
Ok, so NASA must not have the same calendar as the rest of the world..
It's Nov. 15 already, and no announcement.. What gives ????? 
Russ Isaac
you should really check the sources of these "the World is Doomed" posts.
This nasa anouncement is known to be a hoax that was put up on u-tube.
Tara Duffey
andy hughes
So, where is this " Earth shaking news" then ?

Lots of people like you, jumping on the fear& alarm bandwagon, for false
Kathy L
uh, its the end of the day on Nov 13th. there will be tons of
misinformation and holographic shows in the sky. dont fall for it. stop
watching tv for crying out loud and start using your mind, heart and
Jody Gyger Ibbetson
They are coming..... come see me for a new ride at my Ford store!!
S F White
Thanks for that positive message, sometimes the negatives start to weigh
heavy. Jesus is Lord, and He will prevail.
mark loren
Don't cast me out bro.
Diana Shugar
NASA has absolutely zero credibility - full of second tier NWO-paid
minions, but I appreciate the prayer.
Eddy Pardo
its a hoax by Some kid called The Purple Ninja. do you do any research on
the crap you say?
Maya Racette
god b
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