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Movie: NASA To Release\" Earth Shaking\" Info To The Public on November 13... ( video )

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And a year on ........and.........same same...... 
Andrew Bryant pianotunerbristol
God bothering bloody idiot!
Mike Lee
More prophetic BULLSHIT.
Dan Smith
He was right. NASA re-least moon and UFO photos. Not to mention Mars.
Laurie Hilton-Ash
Those two links are DEAD, 'files not found". This is truly one of the bad
things about youtube. In that things get outdated that should not be up on
their site. Just like when I phoned up youtube (google) and waited for over
!/2 and hour to mentioned to them they can change the course of history by
starting up a free university and destroy the educational system as we know
it because they overcharge and students pay WAY TOO MUCH tuition, I think
that youtube has the power to change things because they have such great
tutorials when universities can't even match the quality of that type of
education. And they do it for free, because of the power of commercials (as
long as they don't make them too long :)

A good example of that is David Cox's Free PC classes online. It was even
on Shark Tank but being that he was giving his lessons away for free it
didn't go over at Shark Tank because everything is money to them. But
through the power of commercials students could fund their education
through youtube. But again youtube didn't even want to set up a system
where the have operators to answer and not have to wait so long that you
just have to give up. SO SAD!

INCREDIBLE ANOMALIES FOR (SURE). Just look at them ! Though they have
blurring to a fine art :) and know how to raise the contrast bright to
shadowy in their photoshop like apps big time in the right and left navcam
that is in black and white. Again can't say enough about this.

Please study three what I think are martian ufo testimonials.
Gary Wilcox
Lonnie Zamora
Donald Shrum

Then once you view and hear what they have to say, study Gary Wilcox and
notice the similarities with the other two.
Because he is the one (stellar character) that communicated for about 2
hours when martians got out of the oval craft on his farm in New York in
Newark Valley.

Then read Ernest Norman's "Truth About Mars". Though I am not a Unarian, I
think what he says is true and he was truly telepathic.

All this is FREE if you check out youtube and the internet. Just follow
their names.

The tubes of mars are the smoking gun, though the lava tubes seem natural,
the martians use them as coatings, their are entrances in the satellite
cameras show that are circular when the tube go into them !!!. There is an
actual bio type machine sprayer in the act of spraying (check "skippers"
site left side front page). Again there are images that nasa is releasing
if you only look. It is truly like finding WALDO :)

Nasa is truly doing this. The put more of the machinery in the left and
right navcam and because they can raise the black shadows in their
photoshop application to cover needed and obvious gadgetry. When things
look too symmetrical
and displays something too obvious. Then nasa works their magic. :) I know
they do this with out question.
I've seen what looks like a toy horse having it's tail blurred and twisted
as well as it's head. And that goes on almost endlessly. It is actually so
obvious I think half of the united states probably realizes it is just the
other half I worry about :)
inb4 apocalypse 
Russ Isaac
you should really check the sources of these "the World is Doomed" posts.
This nasa anouncement is known to be a hoax that was put up on u-tube.
Diana Shugar
NASA has absolutely zero credibility - full of second tier NWO-paid
minions, but I appreciate the prayer.
Maya Racette
I. n bet you Haarp is responsible for the Phillipines also and now they
will have another storm? Sounds fishy I feel it. Satanic Poweful people may
do whatever but they will have their day and they will be. Responsible if
we have earthquakes in California Florida that we may disappear. god is the
only one that can call us when He is ready not this satanic people. I will
pray for them. Pls investigate bahaidotorg and lets us unite to kick them
willow woods
the group of psychopaths running nasa believe themselves to be gods when in
actuality they are fools. the big excitement in november was comet ison,
which they deceived the public about. it is now december and nasa did not
release any earth shaking info or should i say disinfo.
there're late
David Owen
I don't know where you got your data,it is now November 17.
Jody Gyger Ibbetson
They are coming..... come see me for a new ride at my Ford store!!
I'm writing this on Nov. 14th. Somebody fill me in on what happened. I must
have missed it! LOL!!
Tara Duffey
mark loren
Don't cast me out bro.
andy hughes
So, where is this " Earth shaking news" then ?

Lots of people like you, jumping on the fear& alarm bandwagon, for false
William Gabbert
Yea,I said that I would re-post in a couple weeks ...2 weeks its
the 19th? When do you suppose you will come to the realization ..Nothing
S F White
Thanks for that positive message, sometimes the negatives start to weigh
heavy. Jesus is Lord, and He will prevail.
Gabriel Braun

Eddy Pardo
its a hoax by Some kid called The Purple Ninja. do you do any research on
the crap you say?
Ok, so NASA must not have the same calendar as the rest of the world..
It's Nov. 15 already, and no announcement.. What gives ????? 
Peter May
Why do you post such crap?
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