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Movie: Helene Turns Vintage Trailers into Charming Getaways - American Express #PassionProject

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Rachid Belkacemi
Sandy Maltese
Love this idea of bed and breakfast. So simple, simple life. I can see why
it would be relaxing to stay here.
Helene Cornell
Thanks for all the positive feedback! For those of you who asked, I am
located in San Diego. If you are ever in the area, you can reserve a
trailer on here: 
Dave Hunt
Re "small spaces" I hadn't thought of this as an option. But what is it
REEEALLY like to live in a small/tiny space 24/7/365? rsvp
Carey Ferrante
This is what I did except I turned my canned ham into the cutest little
vintage mobile boutique ever called Blue Betty! I'd like to do another!
lisa whitters
so cool!
Winston Edmondson
Steve Bly
Very cool ideal it meet to see some one so happy at what there doing in
life. 😀😀
Gabè Diaz
She said "Suposibly" hahaha "Goodmornniiiiiinnnggg"
Tara Moulds
This lady has found a fun calling in life. Love it!
tony nguyen
check this out
Trashy Wench - Queen of Creative Reuse
Turning Vintage Trailers into Charming Getaways - Amex #PassionProject
Helene has found her passion converting small trailers into livable spaces. #smallbiz #womenentrepreneurs
Rainbow Mama
Should turn some of these into single person housing. With so many homeless
in the world, I think this would be an awesome Passion Project!
Mike Salazar
Great work Helen! I build the old 50's style trailers from scratch, but
scaled down for bicycles. would like to show you pictures. check out my web
site at mikes custom bikes and trailers.
Nathan Morton
then do it
Fred Birchmore Sr.
The beach is Dog beach. Bike scene looks like Golden Hills. San Diego.
Jazzie Bells
Not very bright, are you? And it's apparent you've never owned fish.
Marcus Pun
I checked this out because i was involved in a survey about this. and I
have a question. Why didn't the survey folks use THIS as an example. This
is quintessential passion. Marvelous!!!!!
Buy a new, well built, well insulated, good under carriage .... etc Then
DeNew it with older, trashed looking exterior. Maybe do some customization
inside like cork or bamboo flooring.
Diana Rojas
That is sooo cool!!!
WiccanRainbow Mama oh gawd, that sort of talk semi-gags me. Oh yes, The
Holy Homeless. Post your videos of you helping your special friends.Okay
Georgia Dittman
To some extent this is misrepresentational advertising. This "girl next
door" just happens to be, according to her website: "Helene is
internationally renowned for her wedding, fashion and editorial
photography". One gets the impression that this passion project might be
something any of us could qualify for. I seriously doubt that. I find this
kind of misrepresentation somewhat disturbing. Nothing is as it seems
Love the whole 'Passion Project' concept and Helene's passion is truly
inspirational! Her vision and trailers are so unique and chic. Kudos!
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