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Movie: Thomas Cook 757-3CQ Wet Departure and Arrival at Glasgow (G-JMAB)

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the fact our seat didnt have a tray table...umm it had been wripped of the
Thanks buddy! that is soo lucky! I seriously want on one of these birds!!!
and yes ive seen it.. just never had a chance to get a video! :)
Wow mate! Awesome catches! I have seen both 753's that TCX own! Quite
lucky:) 100% liked! Thanks for sharing and the putting my channel in the
charlest103 Aviation Videos ✈
Awesome! Love this aircraft, still haven't flown on a -300 yet though. Nice
yeah, Thomas cook isn't the leader in luxury flight! ;)
thanks! :) same! I really want too fly on one!
great catch :-) i've also seen a condor 757-300 in frankfurt today ;-)
Kriss Armstrong
I was on this aircraft (AB) early hours on Monday morning (the 1st of July)
from Antalya-Glasgow. Lovely aircraft all-over but the fact that you cant
move the seats back any really p***** me off as it was seriously
uncomfortable. Infact most passengers were sleeping on the tray tables haha!
Flew G-jmab from antalya-gatwick last year september 2n
Tom Markey
fantastic vid, lucky enough to have flown on both!!! MAN-DLM and back!!!
Lovely aircraft!!! seen it before??? :-)
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