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Movie: Man of Steel Official Trailer #3 (2013) - Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill Movie HD

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This movie was beyond STUPID and a total let down. Lousy character
development, stupid story line, ZERO chemistry between Lois and Clark,
drawn out fighting scenes, oh my head is spinning. I can only HOPE batman v
superman is better but with Snyder directing it again, I doubt it. 
Ganbat Bayanmonkh
this movie was awesome best movie of dc comics
Kevin Eiben
That was like one of the best speeches in my opinion Russell Crowe has ever
done and the music ties along with his speech.
Josh Watkins
AMAZING TRAILER! Average film.
Erik Brandhorst
if the movie was as good as this trailer it would have been the best
superman rendition ever created. Too bad Snyder was directing. 
Bubblegum Punk
Best superhero film of 2013.
Tommy Le
The song name is "An ideal of hope".
Denzel Porte
I really like the tracks in this movie. Was the best. Hans zimmer probably
did it. 
Abby R
A disappointing movie with a stellar soundtrack. It made it tolerable at
least. Very unhappy with this film for its poor cinematography and to be
quite honest, I didn't like Henry Cavill and Amy Adams portrayals of Lois
and Clark. But then again this is from a lifetime of growing up and
watching the old Superman movies and the TV show, Lois and Clark: The New
Adventures of Superman. This movie was hollow, there was no chemistry
between my favorite couple in the comic book world, and the graphics were
overpowering and too much to take in. But, Hans Zimmer did an amazing job
with the soundtrack. He never disappoints!
Ant k
Let's just take a moment to tug off to this...
sebastian tzuztu
Great story, great acting thank for the movie...
Prathmesh Tiwari
D.C. > Marvel
I dont know why so many people and critics were down on this movie. I loved
it. It was also an origins movie to have to spend some time telling the
back story. Some people just cant let go of the past.
Trailer exists like this. Ever. 
Ana Duran
Best movie ever
this movie was inspiring 
the best trailer for a movie I've ever seen
Nathan Billy Rose
If there were aliens , they would Probably looks quite similar to us. or
not at all.....IF one day the human race is able to travel the stars, and
by luck find a new planet to live on.. If it has a smaller gravitation,
with a atmosphere.where there is life.i believe these elements are part of
a general group of factors that affects us... It wouldn't take long to see
drastic changes in our physiology ..meaning we would see our self become
superhuman *in definition (on a smaller planet)

Now imagine if you were able to travel the stars with your mind. and bring
back a physical knowledge. on our planet.
I thought the trailer was 10 times better than the movie itself.
Godzilla Fanboy
The closest I'm ever gonna get to Dragonball Z movie. Yes, I know there is
an actual movie. No, it's not even decent. Far from it. And yes, I watched
a couple episodes a while ago, and I am aware that the characters stand
around for a really long time without doing anything. My childhood memories
were the epic fights. It's part of the reason of why I really liked Man of
SuperLuminal Man
I LOVE this TRAILER. FAB Film. Enjoyed it thoroughly. 
felipe neves
618 assholes didn´t like it. 
Lorenzo Pacheco
Perfect example of a trailer that was better than the movie.
Reggie MCH
I'm about to watch this Movie again, to me it was better than Iron man 
Why are his muscles so buff? I mean, muscles don't get buff unless you work
them out, right? Well if Superman is so super strong then he's not getting
a workout. He should look as thin and frail as a normal man having grown up
on the moon.
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