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Movie: Man of Steel Official Trailer #3 (2013) - Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill Movie HD

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Trailer exists like this. Ever. 
Why are his muscles so buff? I mean, muscles don't get buff unless you work
them out, right? Well if Superman is so super strong then he's not getting
a workout. He should look as thin a frail as a normal man having grown up
on the moon.
Jay Xiong
Dragon Ball Z needs to be made like this. Can you imagine the fight scenes?
Let alone the finale fight scene? I would be even more EPICCC than Superman
and Zod's fight.
Tommy Le
The song name is "An ideal of hope".
Missy G
Ok how cool is Man Of Steel going to be

Man of Steel Official Trailer #3 (2013) - Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill Movie
Charles Weeden
I'm surprised no one posted this yet. I love this trailer.
Andre Munford
Just finished seeing the Man of Steel movie! It is off the hook! 
Vivian Martin
OMFG !!!!!!! #epic #Nolan #manofsteel 
James Carroll
Sherry Lynn
One of the most amazing movies I have ever watched!!
I will watch this movie over and over!! :-)
Absolutely LOVED it!!
Amazing Graphics!
Awesome Actors!
A must see!!
It was so much more than what I had expected!! Truly kept me wanting more
#manofsteel #manofsteelmovie 
Karen Fischelt
Me gusto ...
Kevin Galbraith
and on my birthday too. How fitting. :P
Ken Montville
Seems like a big departure from previous *Superman* films and has a big
moral overtone. Will it be fun?
Ian Wienert
Just watched the newest Superman Man of Steel trailer.
It did nothing for me.
It doesn't look exciting. It just looks like another boring movie from Zach
Snyder filled with slo-mo galore and all the pretension Nolan brought to
the Batman franchise only now applied to Superman.
Worst of all, it does not even look fun to me, and that, if nothing else,
is what a Superman movie should be. It should be fun, full of high flying
action and adventure. This preview doesn't really give me the feeling that
it will have any of that, especially since Snyder shoots action in the
least interesting way possible.
Mycroft Holmes
I haven't been this excited about a movie since Return of the Jedi. This
promises to be that good. I could KISS this casting director. Whoever it is
is a genius.. and the costume designer is stupidly awesome too.

I've always loved Russell Crowe. He will be a great, GREAT Jor-El, like
even as good as Marlon Brando good.

Superman has always been my favorite character. I miss Christopher Reeve.
Were he alive today the world would be a better place.

Anyways this movie is going to be awesomesauce. Pure, unadulterated
Kryptonian awesomesauce. 
Lincoln Cannon
Our superheros, as our gods, are and always have been at least posthuman
sahara williams
Superman going to see it Sunday san!!!!!
Marcus H.
kneel before ZOD
Erik Brandhorst
if the movie was as good as this trailer it would have been the best
superman rendition ever created. Too bad Snyder was directing. 
What is the background music?

Eman Slitheran
Check out this video on YouTube: yes!! Superman is back baby!!! #ManOfSteel
Przemysław Grzybowski
Man of Steel Official Trailer 2013
Jazz Gill
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