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Movie: Man of Steel Official Trailer #3 (2013) - Russell Crowe, Henry Cavill Movie HD

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Why are his muscles so buff? I mean, muscles don't get buff unless you work
them out, right? Well if Superman is so super strong then he's not getting
a workout. He should look as thin a frail as a normal man having grown up
on the moon.
the best trailer for a movie I've ever seen
Prathmesh Tiwari
D.C. > Marvel
Bob Costas
Great trailer, but there was something a little off about the movie! 
Crimson Kimblee
Just a heads up guys, the action doesn't start until 1:30:00...
The movie is 2:24:00 long... >:(
I thought the trailer was 10 times better than the movie itself.
Bubblegum Punk
Best superhero film of 2013.
Final Thoughts: Disappointingly average movie.
Barbara SP
Full of fighting, the one thing i can say is... superman is HOT :-)
The closest I'm ever gonna get to Dragonball Z movie. Yes, I know there is
an actual movie. No, it's not even decent. Far from it. And yes, I watched
a couple episodes a while ago, and I am aware that the characters stand
around for a really long time without doing anything. My childhood memories
were the epic fights. It's part of the reason of why I really liked Man of
Lorenzo Pacheco
Perfect example of a trailer that was better than the movie.
Jaanu Gul
I like this movie
I dont know why so many people and critics were down on this movie. I loved
it. It was also an origins movie to have to spend some time telling the
back story. Some people just cant let go of the past.
Imri Rivas
Na Dragon Ball Z is a rip off from Superman. And since Snyder is a Superman
fan, don't expect it to filmed by him :) 
Why Snyder? Why?
cant wait for this to be on demand omg.... 
Keshawn Shaw
reboot movies usually sucks but this is epic and not a reboot
Remember the theory before the movie was released that Krypton didn't
explode in this movie? Well, I just noticed that around 2:28-2:29 there are
a few frames that show Krypton exploding. Wish I would've noticed that a
year ago, lol.
Jovan Jeffery
Amazing movie! 
Michael Robinson
Worst movie ever
this movie was inspiring 
What is the background music?

David Cranston
This is one of the movies that I will show my kids when they're born
Celine D
i just watched this and its amazing! 
Was happy to see the end credits.
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