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Movie: 2015 Ford F-150 Review Promo & Tatra Update

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Jonathan Washington
Here comes all the hate for this truck. I have to say one thing and that
you can say whatever you want but there's a reason that this is the best
selling truck.
That truck is a born winner the people here who are knocking it are just
sore arse GM losers who are too jealous that the F-150 would still rule the
roost! Look out for GM copying the lights.
Schmidt McGready
Trucks aren't supposed to be low to the ground. You won't be able to take
it off road if it is low to the ground. Wtf is this? To save gas mileage?
Come on... 
That Dodge Guy
I'm interested in RAM mid model Refresh would be. If not, a whole new
Pathfinder Ash
Why the F*** is America leeching Japanese car makers? I know why it's
because people know that all American cars are junk and not even worth
buying, their designs are stupid looking. So now they're gonna look at
German, Korean, British, and Japanese see cars to steal their designs.
It doesn't seem too bad. Two things I see before the full review.
1. It seems to low, trucks need a beefy stance.
2. How it the new frame going to hold up over time?
The Fast Lane Car
Pathfinder Ash
That piece of crap is looking much better, but still it is a piece of crap
anyway. There are better trucks than this.
Luke hibbird
why are the tyres so small? and why is it so low to the ground it has as
much clearance as a normal everyday car.
Hope someday you will get a T87 and leave it :).
osman siddiqui
The grill is like the 2014 tundra a little bit
Mohammad Sadiqi
Why is this truck so low to the ground? 
That's an ugly looking tundra!
Fucking hideous
Ethan Shrago
Not a good looking truck. I think when ram redesigns their truck it's going
to have a really easy win. 
You guys must be really damn tall, I'm almost 6 ft and any Ford f150 or
other full size pickup especially those 2500 are higher than me when i
stand close to them
Chad Bergman
Beto Benitez
Ram ecodisel #1
Pabloottawa P
Not a big fan of Ford or GM but given a choice between the two I'd have to
ask myself this question..... Should I support a Company that approached
congress asking for money when they didn't even know how much they needed
or should I support a Company that chose to recover with minimal financial
assistance and has learned their lesson. The answer, FORD.
Im pretty sure they could've designed the front end better than that...that
is hideous...smh. Its really a shame u guys have sell the come
u guys cant keep it?
bahahaha that is the ugliest truck I have ever seen.
brian betha
I'm still on the fence about the looks of the 2014
Chad Bergman
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