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Movie: Support Positioning Guide in Teamfights | League of Legends LoL How to Teamfight as a Support

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Richard Bean
New player here. Just wondering how this pertains to playing Soraka as
support. Does popping heals take priority, even at the expense of health?
Or should most of my time be spent on popping starcall and equinox on
HotCandy Sweat
Aron Bowes
This was again really useful and might tempt me back in to playing sona
though I much prefer Leona. So where you say the support follows the
initial engage, would this apply to leona? As in someone goes in, they get
dived by all members of the enemy team and you ult the whole enemy team.
Then you piledrive them.
Very interesting, I'll try to apply this in games.
Ice Throne
For me i build thresh bit tanky since many people in solo queue pick
assassins or squishy champions so what do i do so i stick out with the adc
or keep tanking? 
I agree somewhat but, with some forms of support, you have to be the one to
engage. Blitz as an example is sometimes better off initiating a team fight
with his grab & knockup if he has an opening that allows for a meltdown on
the enemy team carry then following up with his ult when the enemy team
moves in. 
Well, i´m doing a pretty good job supporting.
thanx for sharing.
picking leona and not initiating should be bannable
potomo tomon
I love support so much. Once I wanted to act pro so when naut used his q
towards my adc I did a clutch flash in front of my adc to block the hook. I
felt pro but my adc wasn't going to die even if naut's q hit.
Sona is a bit of an exception with supports, she can be really offensive.
One time when I played a coop vs AI match as Sona, I got more kills than
the AD Carry following me... (Ezreal) XD
Good video, i was wondering if you can make a video about how to know when
your out of position as well as knowing when the opponent is out of
position so you can initiate :3 I find that laning phase is very easy for
me but once people start grouping, i either get caught out of position or
sometimes, me and my team would literally just stall for 5-6 min without
doing anything and i am sure that at least once, someone was out of
position in that time frame but i simply cannot spot them because i am very
new, so i would really appreciate it if you can do a video on that :)
Even as Sona, normally I'll team up with champions who cannot initiate.
We'll just have to ult to initiate for our carries.
Shape Shifter
"as long as you dont get bursted" so is it bad if I get a zed ult as supp
on me?
Ron Calara
Would a jungler with support items lets say jarvan builds nothing but auras
and tank items peel for the carries?
Dealing damage while running away/stay away
thanks Jeremy!
Thats in laning phase in a fight you are going to want to pull a champion
into your team to hopefully secure a pre-fight kill and ruin their fight,
also your going to want to use your lantern and sheild to save a champion
from a near death situation
Tori Lu
Someone should really consider Anivia as a support. She deals really high
burst, offers sufficient peel for your lane partner, and is godly at
dealing against ganks. Anivia has Aoe stun, a freaking wall that is 50
times better then Thresh's Ultimate, The egg allows the ADC to deal more
damage. All in all, I think if you can pull it off with someone that is
exceptional at Anivia, you could do really well.
Thresh wasn't released when the video was made.
David Gormel
generally yes you want to let your team engage but if you're someone like
Sona and you see the enemy team all group up and you can flash R or just R
the entire enemy team then it can be worth the risk but keep in mind where
your team is because people don't generally expect the supp to suddenly
engage the enemy so they may not be able to follow up
That entirely depends on how you're built
and that doesn't mean he is a good one, so he didn't include him in this
list. Teemo is more of an ap carry
This video was posted a few weeks before Thresh was released.
Especially with the added magic damage he deals every couple of seconds
from his Q. People just don't see it coming.
I do agree with this, but on the other hand teemo support is not viable in
the meta we are currently playing.
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