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Movie: C-17 Formation Air Drop (13 Planes)

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OMG!!! Beautiful! Beyond Words!
Koka Nakalasinan
13 ลำ เอาสัมภารไปหย่อนลง...
Robert E
That was very cool!! Thanks for sharing!
john demello
C17 rolling down the strip, airborne daddy is going to take a little
Cool video. Thanx for the upload.
Miro Estamo
2:42 is this freedom? Sure looks like it :D
john demello
Hey!!!! I played with this team!!!!!!
Kojii Naz
A consortium of budget airlines are considering a bulk purchase of C-17s so
that customers can be airdropped cheaply at low level rather than disembark
on the ground in the conventional manner (a slow and uneconomic method).
Ben E
arma 2 anyone 
They forgot the 3,250 soldiers?...
Si hay algo mejor que un C17, es ver 13 de estos pajarillos al mismo tiempo
Emmanuel Espino
1:03 emergency airdrop.
John Smith
Still? They never were, now nazis....they are the real nazis.
In the comments: retards and people tired of videogame references every
time someone posts anything vaguely militar
in the USA theyre flying around with 13 big and noisie airplanes only to
drop some packages for fun and here in Germany thepeople crying around when
6 month a year 2 days a week 2 planes are flying some rounds and shooting
some targets -.-' i hate thoose little snops -.-''
wow, that was boring.
cost: eleventy million dollars
its red dawn in america, its in the news.
Dan Herrera
Must of been fun watching all of this from the ground.
Awesome display. Flight of the Valkyries would have played well on this.
Faktopus Osis
Looks like my sarcasm wasn't noticed...
this is why the military never has money.
Dos anyone know how big the biggest reallife drop in combat was? How many
planes and how many cargo where dropped? Thanks allready!
Lord Vader
It's nice to know how you appreciate the importance of this exercise. Read
the description. This men and women were training to perform this operation
in real life, but with 3,250 SOLDIERS and 3,450 TONS OF EQUIPMENT!!! If you
can do that, without spending your tax money, sign-up for the military and
do it yourself!!!
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