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Movie: Zorotl - I Wanna Be (Official Video with subtitles)

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This song would have sounded much better if it was performed by Eiffel 65
(which I think was originally intended).
They were too lazy to create another character so they used the guy from
i'm blue lololol
I took about 5 hours of my day to write down word-for-word everything that
the text says in the beginning. I know no one is gonna read all of it, but
at least appreciate my hard work.
Flare Kristofferson
sociallyunacceptableart did it again
Michael Echeverria
What year was this?
it looks like somebody spent 1 hour messing arround with blender
Michał Skowroński
i like it
Saphhire Minepony
i guess they use potatoes to animate this
bedelgez orion
Tom Fridman
this animation is so bad i cant watch this. also the sounds in the
background really interupt makes this song reaalllllyyy bad.
Josuke Higashikata
I really want to read the text that passes fast at the beginning.
What a horrible one....
Farhat Khan
mansoor is so stupid
so this is what its like to be on acid.
history tour galaxy by Zorotl in this link
Hop The Border Productions
If you read the paragraph that zips by its basically about how the
illuminate use music to people, just replace Slovak6 with Satan
Riva Sounds Project
This is so beautiful :D
wow!! :D
Ivy Rangel
That king looks like my uncle who lives in Louisiana lol

Michael Echeverria
0:17 I swear, that girl looks like Miranda Cosgrove (aka Carly from iCarly)
I can't be the only one! 
Vincent Brunet
Les Années 98-2000's le Fantasme de la 3D ;) c'était du luxe
encore...maintenant on y apprécie plus...
Zaida Fulton
cool and nice
Michael Böhm
Well, Zorotl is actually Eiffel 65!
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