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Movie: Zorotl - I Wanna Be (Official Video with subtitles)

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They were too lazy to create another character so they used the guy from
i'm blue lololol
There is some good info on this song in the description.
Shishwami Bullseye
like if you are watching this in 2015
Good song.
How much did they pay that blue guy? There's so much demand for him. He's
become popular.
k evans
who made all of this? girl is beautiful by the way. : )
Lethargic Parvalbumin
john carter beta footage
Matthew Nielson
Where can I get this song without having to download it from Youtube?
k evans
I am suddenly a huge fan of course ha ha. holy shit?
Todd in the Shadows sent me here. 
KoRothe animatorien
Pfft. Just making an excuse on the description. I knew you were just lazy
Isaac Pailano
I like zorotl ' s fighting moves
k evans
Saturn or one of its many moons here is depicted? almost certainly? 8
points on the Cog on the door.
SuperLiamb123 | Stream with me!
Omg I listened to this when I was 5-6
00 00
O_O WTF IS THIS whos watching this in 2015?
Flare Kristofferson
sociallyunacceptableart did it again
it looks like somebody spent 1 hour messing arround with blender
teenag boy charlie
Wat a song

michi LeMichi
This song would have sounded much better if it was performed by Eiffel 65
(which I think was originally intended).
Ondra Fusek
super music
Shawa Chan
i like the blue dude better in blue
Ron Aguinaga
That girls hot
Kalil Riley
the green guy in the chair looks like the grinch
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