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Movie: Lij Gilmour Sings Teenage Dirtbag | The Voice Australia 2014

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he has a very nasally voice though 
savani munasinghe
He's omg gorgeous 
Ash Almond
Good on you Lij! Lots to improve, but you got great attitude. 
Myra T
Aw damn it i wanna hug him D: I wanna hug Lij!! D:
The Voice Australia
17-year old Lij rocked 'Teenage Dirtbag'.

Go to for more news, videos and backstage galleries.
i found him out on YouTube, but never knew he was from The Voice Australia
haha. I thought he was just a dude who does covers on YouTube.
Vince Haylem
Finally someone does this!
Oh man, fucking love this song growing up
Rhiannon Campbell
Reminds of luke from 5sos.......
Lij Perez
My name is Lij too, and I sing songs like this in my band, omfg.
chloe jayne
joel is so hot ffs
Sonner .
That is the voice most sexy that i hear in my life
Vocals need a lot of work
Dooey mou
So disappointed he didn't get through the battle round. I hope this only
makes him more determined to succeed.
Sara Sassine
The little tongue thing he did is so cute
kenzie brooks
He's beautiful 
Disha Naik
Cielo Bing
omg im so proud 
Raw.... we'll see if he is coachable 
Marilena K
Go Lij!!! You're incredible!!!
Tanya barrass
Love this kid! X
Jennifer Doneley
I love him
Trent Salmon
he is a gun and the son is the best
hot guy
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