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Movie: What is a dimension? In 3D...and 2D... and 1D

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if we could define our world a 1D line, we have to pass the following point
on the line before reaching another point, we couldn't go directly there
If we lived in a 1d universe, the 1d universe couldn't curl up on itself.
Sarah Kettell
*What is a Dimension and Do We Actually Live in a 1D World?*

This is probably one of the most interesting and intelligent discussions
I've ever read in YouTube comments. The video itself is good enough, but
the comments make you think.
If it was one dimensional but curled like yarn. A thing would have to
travel all the way around the universe on that line until it ended up on
the line next to it. Therefore a photon would take many times the age of
the universe to move to an adjacent "tread".
Space filling curves aren't at all what you are saying. If you truly fill
space (be it 2-D or 3-D) using only a 1D line, then for any points A and B
in the curve, if you were to follow the line from A to B, you'd travel an
infinite distance. So, it's not like we could use only one coordinate that
would tell you the position in the line (and therefore in the space) you
are at, all the points are infinitely distant from one another so there is
no metric. You NEED more dimensions to fully describe the space.

What you CAN argue is that you can do an approximation of a space filling
curve. A 1-D line that does not pass through every point in space, but that
passes nearby every point in space. And by nearby i mean that the shortest
distance from any point in space to that line is always smaller than the
Planck's length. Then, you *could* argue that you can describe 3-D space
using only one coordinate, because any distance smaller than the Plank's
length doesn't make much sense, and therefore, as far as your calculations
are concerned, the line does pass through every point in space, and is
Michael Bomsdorf
How do we know we live in 3 dimensions?
martijn van weele
if you curl up a line it automatically becomes at least two-dimensional,
your argument is invalid.
kamiab ayani
Plz make hour physics as well and explain in more detail as well . I love
ur channel
Harrison Desa
Bryan Mendoza
Austin Carpenter
The moment you bend something, its not one dimensional. Simple as that.
Stijn Dijkstra
what if back in time(if time exists O.o), humans started thinking in more
than 3 dimensions? is it excally the world that is in 3 dimensions, or our
mind that thinks there are 3 dimensions?
Ilex Swails
This reminds me of an arguement I had with a friend a long time ago. 3D
movies (the crappy kind with the red and blue glasses) were all the rage
where I live at the time. My friend asked why you call a game on
PlayStation 3D when it isn't actually. I tried to explain that the games
image is rendered in 3D, but since the television set can't output a 3D
image, the picture itself is 2D. We would talk about this for hours on end,
never settling the argument... Ah, good times.
1 Direction = 1D not the band.
And 0D is the dot
Bava Neche
In Creation -- A singularity of Nothingness and is the "1st Dimension". The
moment "Anything" is created in that Nothingness it becomes an automatic
accumulation of the Geometric Configurations X, Y, and Zed, called 2nd, 3rd
and 4th Dimensions. Moving beyond those 4 Dimensions automatically creates
Time which is an accumulation of dimensions which are "Direction", Distance
and Speed which is the 5th, 6th and 7th Dimensions. The Next Dimension is
made up of another accumulation of dimensions is 8th Dimension of Mass, 9th
of Ampliflication and the 10th of Frequency. The 11th Dimension is the
Matrix that holds it all together.
john michael
dont get it...why cant u draw a curled line thro all the hot air atoms 
Dennis Liu
Really Henry, you are LESS... MUCH Less excited or sounds excited, at
least, than before... I wish I can have the old henry back =(
Darwin Kim
is the music at the end backwards?
These oversimplified "descriptions" suck. They assume people aren't smart
enough to understand the real deal so instead they give a faulty
description that send people down the wrong path.
Leo Nordmann
awesome vids thumbs for that :D also damn u they are too good u took my
sleep now :D
Hector Carrillo
Leave this discussion to 10thdim please
Good for share !
Emmanuel Lescouflair
I still haven't learned what a dimension is. I guess I'll continue my
search elsewhere.
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