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Movie: What is a dimension? In 3D...and 2D... and 1D

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Vinayak ns
If you lived in a 2d world how would you know 3 dimensions existed? Is it
possible that there are more than 3 but we cannot see/know/figure more than
Maro rose
do you mean time as in the fourth dimension or time in the fourth and more
because there is no differents between space and time they are just
Dave Sheik
Qui a fait les sous titres français ? C'est dégueu sérieux !
The UnReaL Graffiti
may sound dumb...but how did the square contain the same number of points
as its side???
Jake Hayward
If we lived in a 1-dimensional universe that looked 3d, how could we travel
from one point to another in so many different ways? Wouldn't we be forced
to take one route because it's only a 1-dimensional line? Could someone

The only explanation I can currently think of, is that there are an
infinite amount of 1-dimensional dimensions to connect each point together
to give the illusion of a 3-dimensional universe. I'm going to spend
several weeks looking into this.
Maro rose
time is a dimension.
Archit Bajaj
Den mark
I don't understand everything he said
but I know 1D sucks
If we lived in a 1d universe, the 1d universe couldn't curl up on itself.
Space filling curves aren't at all what you are saying. If you truly fill
space (be it 2-D or 3-D) using only a 1D line, then for any points A and B
in the curve, if you were to follow the line from A to B, you'd travel an
infinite distance. So, it's not like we could use only one coordinate that
would tell you the position in the line (and therefore in the space) you
are at, all the points are infinitely distant from one another so there is
no metric. You NEED more dimensions to fully describe the space.

What you CAN argue is that you can do an approximation of a space filling
curve. A 1-D line that does not pass through every point in space, but that
passes nearby every point in space. And by nearby i mean that the shortest
distance from any point in space to that line is always smaller than the
Planck's length. Then, you *could* argue that you can describe 3-D space
using only one coordinate, because any distance smaller than the Plank's
length doesn't make much sense, and therefore, as far as your calculations
are concerned, the line does pass through every point in space, and is
if we could define our world a 1D line, we have to pass the following point
on the line before reaching another point, we couldn't go directly there
Abe Dillon
What if there are dimensions we can't directly measure? Imagine you're on a
space craft that has rockets to move up and down and rockets to move left
and right, but no rockets to move forward and backward. You may be moving
forward at some speed, but you can't change our speed in that direction.
You can only measure the effects of moving in that direction (like noticing
that things moving slower than you, pass you by or that stars in front of
you seem more blue than stars behind you). Now imagine that nothing, not
even particles have a way to effect their forward/backward velocity. A gas
on your ship would spread out in a 2D disk.

This seems to me to be the case, because light doesn't move through time
and is the primary force carrying particle. Therefore, other particles
can't change each other's velocity through time if all their interactions
are mediated by photons.

Am I missing something? Is this an accurate interpretation?
Am i still the only one who has discovered how to actually see a tesseract
Jarred Mack
This video proposed a question but didn't answer it and proceeded to
introduce more questions.
Maro rose
you are right
martijn van weele
if you curl up a line it automatically becomes at least two-dimensional,
your argument is invalid.
Tardi Grade X-tra
One direction is also known as 1D! Oh wait! 1D IS One direction! Are the 1D
guys scientist? How did they know that?
Stefano Cipollone
You sound a bit unenthusiastic, hope everything is well. 
Benjamín Marcolongo
What about the homotopy group's? In fact we know that 1D (R1), 2D (R2) and
3D (R3) are not topologically the same thing. For example the real line R
is not homeomorphic to the plane R2, the prove goes as follows: suppose
there were a homeomorphism h of R onto R2. Select some point x0 e R. The
restriction of h to R-(x0) would then carry it homeomorphically onto
R2-(h[x0]). However, R-(x0) is not connected, whereas R2-(h[x0]) certainly
is connected . Since connectedness is a topological property, this cannot
be and we have our contradiction. We can use a similar argumet between R2
and R3, R3 is simply connected and R2 is not.
Think now in a point electric charge "q" residing at the origin of some
intertial frame of reference. The electric field E satisfy the static,
source-free maxwell equations divE=0, curlE=0 (idem with B) in R3-(0,0,0) .
Because of the “simply connectedness” property of R3 we can guarantee the
existence of a scalar potencial function whose gradient is E and solve the
problem, therefore electromagnetism and this kind of phenomena tells us
information about the topology and dimension that could have the space.
I want my room to be 11x3x3x5m. How would that look? If it is 11x3, then it
is flat.
Another thing, if the line is in all directions, then the line is 3d,
Andrew Luo
Make a video about the 4th dimension :)
Imad Gibbs
Could anyone explain what Henry means when he says "A square and its side
have the same number of points"?
Hiker Wolfspaine
Yet for some reason the universe has 11 dimensions.
"You just waisted 1:20 minutes of your life!" Sorry. I had to. XD
This guy just love to draw cats.
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