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Movie: What is a dimension? In 3D...and 2D... and 1D

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Jake Hayward
If we lived in a 1-dimensional universe that looked 3d, how could we travel
from one point to another in so many different ways? Wouldn't we be forced
to take one route because it's only a 1-dimensional line? Could someone

The only explanation I can currently think of, is that there are an
infinite amount of 1-dimensional dimensions to connect each point together
to give the illusion of a 3-dimensional universe. I'm going to spend
several weeks looking into this.
The thing about 3D is that there are 3 continuous independent directions to
move, keywords being 'continuous' and 'independent'.
Dave Sheik
Qui a fait les sous titres français ? C'est dégueu sérieux !
Kyle Kinkade
What is a 1 dimensional curve? I mean, there is an x and y in a curve. Does
that mean that it's 2 dimensional? +MinutePhysics 
Sean Cossins
The notion of manipulating a "line" so that you need only use one
coordinate to represent R3 does not contradict the definition of dimension
from linear algebra. That is, the dimension of a finite vector space is the
cardinality of a linearly independent spanning set for that space.
Furthermore, to define such a "manipulated line" parametrically, you would
require a minimum of 3 vectors in order for it to occupy R3.
Arathi Suraj
How does a square and its side have the same number of points? Please
Ryan Banh
The description clearly states that One Direction is the new 3D
Bruce Key
At some point in the future, all human life will cease to exist, and the
earth will be completely gone, and all the science ever discovered from the
beginning of human existence... will be utterly and completely meaningless.
Gilberto Altamirano
0:10 +MinutePhysics Could you tell me When,where, who, and how did they
discover that?
To all the people in the comments that are confused about how we can only
be in a 1D world curled up to look 3D but it may as well be curled up into
2D, or how we can traverse this 3D world so many different ways instead of
being constrained to a 1D path. This video explains dimensions WRONG. A 1D
world cannot curl up on itself in if there is only 1 direction to move
along. A string would not bend if it was constrained to one direction of
motion. Multiple dimensions are constituted of multiple orthogonal
direction vectors. This means that each measurement of spacial direction
must be 90 degrees from each other so that neither one involves another. If
we are all living on a 1D line of space that is curled up then, A) There
must be 3 dimensional directions available in space for the line to curl up
though. or B) There must be multiple 1D lines connected all points along
our 1D line so that we can take free form paths to get from one point to
another instead of being constrained in every potential motion.
B Sto
Does anybody know the dimensions of taste or smell?
Anna Kristín Halldórsdóttir
You know what. I would love it if you made extra videos with the math and
more in depth explanations. I wouldn't watch all of them, but a lot.
Because I feel like your videos are almost just like trailers that make me
want to know more! I for example understand what you said about the gas but
I don't understand how that proofs that we live in 3D... wouldn't it look
like that aswell if we were in a curled up 2D world?

That being said. I absolutely love your videos. Keep up the good work! :D
Maro rose
how can a 1D thing curl? It only has on dimension?

Thomas Pavlick
Stefano Cipollone
You sound a bit unenthusiastic, hope everything is well. 
If we lived in a 1d universe, the 1d universe couldn't curl up on itself.
kenny levin
Albino talks too nuch

Archit Bajaj
Den mark
I don't understand everything he said
but I know 1D sucks
le Coops
I hope we don't live in 1D, their music sucks :P
Vinayak ns
If you lived in a 2d world how would you know 3 dimensions existed? Is it
possible that there are more than 3 but we cannot see/know/figure more than
Andrew Luo
Make a video about the 4th dimension :)
Maro rose
time is a dimension.
if we could define our world a 1D line, we have to pass the following point
on the line before reaching another point, we couldn't go directly there
The UnReaL Graffiti
may sound dumb...but how did the square contain the same number of points
as its side???
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