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Fred Finizzi
So I bought one
I received it today and it does not work at all. no lights no furing dead
dead dead. Very frustrating very disappointed
parker albritton
That was an awesome dance party!
supershark 9k
i see at the end you used a carto. what would you say is the best carto
tank or tank out there. im looking for something thats easy. that i fill up
and vape all day with no problems.
Man I'd love to make my own mod but I can never find heavy duty tough
enough parts like the 510 connector all I've seen is glue in type I want
one that a nut had to be threaded on the back of it on the inside of the
mod and battery holders for an 18650 battery gotta make one I supposes and
I can never find a good tough tank I ALWAYS have problems with them leaking
into the 510 connector or it spitting liquid into my mouth while taking a
drag ..... Ugh bout to give up on vaping lol
What is the best tank for vamo 5 that gives alot of vapor and hits really
Can i use it with a rda?
Fred Finizzi
For $69.00 and 14 months later and I think it is most definitely a good
powerful mod to have and I think if the box was more durable like aluminum
construction instead of a hard resin, that alone would make it a buy at
twice the price.
Fred Finizzi
I get a craving for the previous Grimm Green Industries Studio Production
Location Site # 2. These are the videos that got me started. This is where
I came to see what is out there in the vape world that I can buy and what
not to buy. Literally for about six months I bought a lot of the products
that were in the videos and I have never regretted a single purchase that
Nick has suggested. So as I navigate in the genre of "golden oldies" or
"the classics" I thought I might look for a mod that had been reviewed here
and was given a decent endorsement by Grimm and was still for sale in
todays market. I just ordered a BEAST BOX from M.E.L. and they now offer a
black light L.E.D. in place of the mini light house strength LED that we
see in this video. It is funny I have 2 26500 batteries that I got for my
BAM so I could use them with a kick. I however found the silencer from and now I can use a 26650 size cell in my BAM because the device
is screwed into the 510 connection so that the VOLTAGE can be dialed up or
down without having to take the mod apart to adjust the wattage when using
a kick. Longer battery life with adjustable voltage that adjusts on the
exterior and it is volts instead of watts win win win. So finally I can use
these 2 3000mah cells. It is easy to forget about the incredible
information we can get by jumping back in time to view some old school GG
Industries reviews and by an insane coincidence after only a few hours ago
I was reminded that I had 2 26500 batteries just sitting unused and the
first video has the beast box that uses that exact set up I was looking
for. That is a little spooky. Can't wait to get all of my vape mail next
week as I just went crazy for the last week or so buying eliquids, mods and
atomizers all of which will be here next week. Sorry for the novel but I
doubt very much that Nick will ever see this comment let alone read it. He
is very busy these days and I am 100% behind him and always will be but I
do miss videos made in this place so I come back every so often. Good stuff
Tyler Portik
I was looking for a video of the new beast box mod the double 26650 with
the raptor chip man I can't wait to get my hands on one of those
Tinothebam Reilly
Fat daddy vapes an fastech has 510 connections very easy to make modsvthese
Will Overton
"There's the green sun in your face," that cracked me up haha.
Brandon Vonboeckman
Anthony Swank
Hello what's the best ecig I can get for 50-70 at a shop
Patrick Hoyman
Lmao!! "Green sun" that was funny. 
Chris Aragon
Bill Pondarosa vapes!! i sold him his first et up a week ago
Lance Retuyan
What are the lowest ohms you can go with this?
Will the evod work on the beast? 
hey +GrimmGreen I'm not sure what is wrong here. I got my box today and
put on a 1.3 ohm kayfun and its rocking at 4 volts but it won't fire. I'm
using the efest 26500 batteries on their website. I put in fresh charged
batteries and after trying like 30 times on getting it to fire I took out
the batteries and put it in my charger and its saying that 1 of my
batteries is COMPLETELY drained and the other one is just fine. What's
going on!? I even put in my iclear 30 at 2.4 ohms and that still didn't
Sounds good! Thanks, man I have a bud pushing .24 ohms lol and the amount
of vapor he is putting off is ridiculous! I wanna get clouds that make me
disappear haha
Awesome dance party!
Damn that sucks, do you know of any really good mods, for low ohm and
really good rba? Like if u could have a tank and a mod which would u get?
The reason I ask is cause ik u get a lot of feedback so uk a bit more then
I would love one of these! I'm not sure about $55.00 so maybe they will
come down on it! Or maybe you will give one away as a prize lol! Either way
this thing looks crazy! Oh and by the way you can order this from the sight
w/ out the led it is an option.! 
Madison Lamar
hey dude. i just got my beast, but none of my cartomizers (itazte 30s,
manger protects) will not feed into the 510 output of the beast. the
cartomizers screw in part is not long enough to feed into the 510 output.
any suggestions?
j powers
Is your sleeve a scene from Avatar?
Just put some duct tape on the box to help protect it from breaking when
dropped. dont wrap it or put layers on layers. just a layer or two on the
individual "walls". should make it a little more resilient.
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