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Movie: 2014 Nissan Altima 0-60 MPH Review: So why do we test family cars on the track?

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Roman, I think people only say stuff when you rev cold engines, Which you
tend to do.
I test drove almost all of the mid-size cars out there and the Altima was
the worst of the lot. Worst design, fit and finish. I would never buy one. 
Why are you trying so hard to justify why you do reviews? Or just ask what
we want to see instead of spending half the vid explaining why your doing
what your doing
That Dodge Guy
I know I'm going to get a lot of flak for this. But could you take a Dodge
Avenger RT around the track. I'm very interested on how it would handle and
corporate on the corners.

I would do it myself but the local track closed because of high taxes.
You guys I think a Passat VR6 would be cool to see around the track! DSG 
Craig Larsen
Many years ago I bent a valve revving the engine in my dad's car. I cringe
every time you guys rev an engine. 
Jonathan Washington
Wait so the mazda 6 and honda accord are the only ones that offer manuals
Sherwayne Morrison
Whats wrong with CVT?
The Fast Lane Car
Matthew Gorres
100th liker
David Pate
I love how you guys review. Very informative and very fun. I just cringe
when you rev an engine, especially a cold engine. I feel like I get plenty
of engine sound on the 0-60 runs. But hey, your formula is working so
please keep up the good work. 
Fly High
Yeah, you guys put cars to the test alright and I'm starting to like track
Nathan Spence
I support you guys in whatever yall do. I know roman gas taken the forester
xt around a track. But how about that track? That would be fun as crap.
LOL the commercials claim 7.3 seconds 0-60. It can't be THAT much slower.
CVT garbage.
Dan Troop
There are only two ways I can think of to have fun in an Altima, one would
be on the track, the other requires a spacious back seat and female
I'd buy a Nissan if they weren't into the CVT movement 
Yu Huang
I would like to see 2013-2014 Honda Accord Sedan V6 on track 
Andres Salazar
So it is waaay slower than the Mazda6 and Honda Accord!! 

Try a Ford, they don't use those vacuum cleaner sounding CVT's
Steven Behrendt
Why no 3.5 Altima it would be much faster.
Altimas suck, along with Nissan in general.
Stewart Murray
Neesawn! Haha
Brian Williams
I love Nissan...and its funny Howe people say the cvt makes it slow but
I've beat sooo many people with the v6 version..most people just don't line
out because it's different..i would just change the drone noise
I might get one of these cars, that way if somebody steals it I won't care.
Andres Perez
Could you review the Hyundai génesis 2.0T please
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