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Movie: \"Christine\" Remake (2013) Trailer

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Ignorante de la Vida
stupid troll
Normand Boulanger
that because its really a camaro ive seen his car keenan martens is my
this will suck it does not have the plymouth in it
Ron Chownyk
Wow. I didn't realize Plymouth made the Camaro...
scooty roddom
this is so sad ;)
Can I have my 1:01 back? What's that you say? The clip is actually 1:58?
I could only stomach 1:01.
Michael Johnson
Dumb fake trailer .....
Are you for real, the car really???? Poor sorry.1/1000000
Karl Kirschenmann
way to use the score from the thing
If this is yours, why doesn't it have your name on it? Arnie...CUNTingham.
Roger Keller
Christine should never be remade but a second one should be made cause if
yall remember at the end even after being crushed and then compacted she
started to fix her self
I hope they actually do do a remake, like carrie the new carrie is really
wesley mccurtain
Before there was Christine there was THE CAR! I swear to you we saw it when
I was a teen, made back in the 1977!
There are not just 4 left in the world . I just traded for a 58 Plymouth
two days ago ! They did not destroy any real Fury cars because there was
only around 5000 ever made . The used Plymouth Savoy's for the wreck
scenes. They did make plenty of those . Christine was also supposed to be a
4 door Belvedere I think bur may be wrong .
Raeyne Jaymeson
This is gonna be sweet.
love the Christine voiceover and the Thing them...
first off....christine should NEVER be remade......EVER! secondly.....its
impossible anyway, theres only like 4 of those cars left in the
world....... they would have to either choose a different car or make
reproductions......i dont think that'll happen
Johan Lebbing
The voiceover is excellent. It could be used in trailers of the real
movies. Great voice, and also a great trailer.
a piece of shit camaro as cristine, that is scary. The guy was like oh no!
tetanis! Definate fake trailer,lol.
shawn basnett
is this a fake trailer ?
Fake......its a pontiac not a plymouth
Raito Wellings
I'm kinda glad this isnt real. It would have to be a big budget film if it
was to be redone to preserve the origanal as being a good film. Nice work
though, enjoyed it. Have a thumbs up
keenan martens
Thanks, you should go see me other Trailers, especially the new MacDaddy
ones, they are much better.
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