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ffp: Stop cheating in Counter-Strike and other games.

Movie: Minecraft: Hunger Games w/Mitch! Game 204 - Survival Games 4 Throwback!

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Dan Saracina
He didnt do nothin in the secret sewers. But still love this guy
Steven Grant
Gold swords are better than word, stone, and sometimes even diamond and
iron. Now don't instantly think I'm an idiot, because I'm not. The reason
why they're the best is because they get mega enchants. That's why if you
can, have a gold and an iron or diamond sword. Enchant the gold before the
other one and use the gold for a couple of hits (especially if it's got
Fire Aspect) then switch into the other one. Now what if it's no
enchanting? Then stone and up are better than gold.
Brianna Marrero
The best intro ever 😂
Cheryl Leighty
why is there so many hate comments. >:(
I would want to team with you guys if I ever saw you, but you'd just
destroy me. X)
Faith Artery
on xbox360 the golden sword is strongest but the diamond lasts longer
Big Macintosh
American Idol talent here.
erick rosales
not true bro
LPS Deertail
I tried to make the hunger games
Samuel Goshgarian
The duck song
Alan Li
Summer Bloom
Mitch you should play on the hive more on survival games
Derrick Taylor
Mitch, I'm really depressed now because we have to watch a spazzing dog!!!
So my dad keeps getting mad at my other dog for the spazz's mistakes! IM SO
MAD NOW! And I'm super depressed cause I have to watch that happen. Then I
watch ur bids, I'm HAPPIER NOW because of you and 2 words... THANK YOU!!!!
Harry Wright
Why the frige

Samuel Goshgarian
Hogan Triplett
How u so good?
Hey guys! Please check out my friends channel! He trys so hard!
Sergey Chepinoga
Nick Jodan
But then, you donz win da hunger games due to a fart butt
As much as I love you guys, and I do a lot(so much that u guys r my
lockscreen, my phone case, a poster on my wall. Ect.), i really hate the
duck song. But u guys sang it so well!
Are they bros or freinds
Ella Noel
I was laughing when they sang xD I love there voices so much dome:)
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