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Movie: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity - [Aftergame] Part 47 - Legendary Black Kyurem Battle

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Raichu is Level 55 Samurott is Level 51
Jack Dolan
Raichu: K-Kyurem!
Obito Uchiha
thumbs up if u want more how/get catch pokemon vid plz
question can you recruit any of the legendary?
Enrique Lomeli
Yeah but tums up if you want how to get a shiny arceus with cool moves like
judgement roar of time special rend and shadow force
lol you can beat up kyurem 4 times...
Zack Martinez
Black Kyruem`s Ice Arm is supposed to be on the other side.
William Fonseca
I wish this game had real post game story content. I hope they make another
Mystery Dungeon game in the next 2 years, multiple quests, post game, more
Pokemon, etc.
Zack Martinez
And I agree with MultiSp.
You have the same pokemon when my sister chosed. Pikachu (sukia) as main
(her favorite) Oshawott (Otto) as partner (second favorite) As for me
Haxorus (Mystic) Emboar (Taiur) I can count PMD games series as my favorite
type of game. Only 2 legendary pokemon i have left to get (yea i played
this game too much). And you are impressive yourself especially in this
fight and the others too. I haven't fought them yet, but after seeing this,
i better be careful and think
Naomi Kyles Husband
you never told me what game you will do a walkthrough on next, i am waiting
for a response since last video.
Never knew these were in the game....
Black Kyurem's ice arm was always it's left arm, which is what is shown in
the video?
Woah, there is much more aftergame than i thought! o.O
Israel Lai
wow you're strong
Jordans Monkey
dude..... that was quick
I'm sorry, but I only just found this video and am curious. How did you get
to fight Black Kyurem? Is it something you get after a certain period of
time or do you have to do something first? I've completed the post game
story as far as I know (up to the part where you return to the Pokemon
is it the shiny one?
nope, these pokemon aren't recruitable which sucks ass
Vaffel Vimme
can we get legandary pokemon on our team?
Lily Song
i have found oh-ho but i can't beat him!!!!
Jack Frost
He is on the European version. Their version is mirrored from ours.
killyourself kiddo
1st called it
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