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Movie: Cross Fight B-Daman 39 [RAW]

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Kyle Aurelio
Ikr I was like why is there a missing part?
oshy splashers
At 10:27 Riki/Kakeru be like:IN YOUR FACE KING OF DRAGONS
Hey guys, I got a crappy subbed version of this on my channel. Check it out
if you got the time!
Paul Sarno
funny cause cw skipped this episode as well as one other.
Praise cheese 100
He went super saiyan 2 without a long scream 
Jesus The Sir
When watching this I'm like "Beyblade, What's that?"
Jesus The Sir
They didn't chow this episode on the CW and how come over here they aren't
selling B daman like Thunder Bison Smash Dragold or others introduced later
on in the series
Gamewolf 66
Why'd Vortexx skip this episode? It was vital to the plot.
Teen Ninetales
Cross Fight B-Daman sure is flying by quick Episode 39
This show sucks, is there even a fight
-_- are you kidding the kid that's beyblade broke trying to help the blue
haired kid just went ssj?
ezra yusof
Cross Fight B-Daman 39 RAW [HD] (FT. GOKU AS GOLD DRAGON B-DAMAN!!!!)
Naoya Homura
If Naoya will fail at the end and it'll be possible to ship him with
someone I think I'll support Daiki/Naoya, too XD ((But atm he's got a new
shouta... though he even wnated Kakeru to get Dragold *coughs* XD))
Naoooya!! That's the wrong shotaaa!! *throws Daiki at him*
Kasmin Bin Musin
Cross fight b - daman is cool
the yellow dragon is gay in manga he has flower
Canal de metalphoenixmaall
Wong Garrick
smash dragold is Cb43/Cb45
Auzzie Maker
Super Sayian
dragordes is coolest b-daman ever!
Jimmy Y
lets see you beat him
Naoya Homura
It's still Dragold/Dragorudo
this is getting exciting!
Nabil Zafran
I h
Thanks for uploading the episode.
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