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Movie: NBA 2K13 - Myplayer Store and Closet

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When I click the accessories tab it opens but nothing loads
Chriatian Robinson
How do you get the
Joshua Tavarez
nothing comes up on my store or closet
MichaelMichael Ochoa
My store goes blank help
MichaelMichael Ochoa
My store goes blank wtf help plz i want a headband and shooting sleeve how
do you fix my player look dumb HELP!!!!
Miguel Mayo
Ehy How do you get the clothing to show up again I fix my closet so I can
go on it but when I go to the store nothing shows up someone please help me
thank you 
it dosent load when i load it
King Piccolo
Can somebody help me out please my my player store is blank I can't switch
teams or see gear please message me thanks
Andy Suh
on my PC it doesn't have the 2k store and it also doesn't have VC ... its
SP(skill points)... help? is it different in other consoles.
Nolimit Carter
What a troll
Illuminati shirt
WHy did they remove MyPlayer store from PC?
how much do u get payed for that coin money thing? is it like your salary?
Thanks I wanted to see how that looked bad
eric jimenez
that would be nice man, please make a vid. thank you in advance
super az
there is mod for pc to put it in the game ?
this game is great, but it wasn't made to be played on a PC, too much stuff
taken out including myteam, CV, myplayer store and closet... unfortunately,
still loving it though
Franklin o
thx and ı'll ask ronnie or ld for my player sotre for pc
Can u put the Adidas calf sleeves on players once u buy them. Marshon
Brooks wears them
you should tweet that to him
Pan Pawel
Damn im PC User :C
Speed Wraps!!!!!!!!! Im going get em
wich one is dis the one made by jay-z
Michael Dennis Aniciete
I saw my country flag :)
nope sorry
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