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Movie: Nelly Joins The Debate Desk Vs. Stephen A. (Goes In On Kobe Bryant)

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Deeon Franklin
I'm willing to believe that when kobe retires from the Lakers a lot of
people will want to play with them but only if kobe is gone an Tom me
that's sad
lol nelly was right
pat Bruno
"Magic got part ownership!" Stephen a droppin facts.
Jameer Nelson was an all-star in 2009.......
Awe man I thought Nelly was cool. I can't believe he talked about Kobe like
that. SMH
Ambition Music
nobody acknowledged the fact that he called kobe "the liter"
enahs dasarp
I cnt wait till kobe seee this ...nelly...skip steven saying lakers not
going to playoffs....housten going way ahead and kobe not gtn 6th ring
..cant wait. Keep talking yal ..all yr doing is fueling the fire. The black
mamba shall rise and at the end hel be laughing for proven you all wrong.
This is really entertaining..Really cool..
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