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Movie: The Beast Front Row (HD POV) Kings Island

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the beast is one of my favorite rides but it fucking
kills my back lol
James Allen
I don't know if it's because this ride if getting older or because I am
getting older, but when I ride this ride NOW, oh my lord, my back and neck.
I LOVE this ride, but now I am hesitant to ride it.
It takes some of the mystery away when Bigfoot is just parkin' his Dodge
next to the tracks.
This ride is not smooth lol
What about roar? thats in northern cal.
take my word folks, baddest ride ever, hands down #1.
Bekka Sawyer
remarkable smooth for a wooden coaster!
John Nickson
I did that a few days ago in front row
Awesome! Its so cool.
Aaron Claude
Ever ride wild beast at Canada`s Wonderland?
Nikki Sullins
iv been their
There are parts that are bad but I have found much worse coasters. The
worst spots are the right turn after the tunnel and the final helix. It
will bounce you around but you aren't going to kill yourself riding it
either. I would ride it at night if at all possible for your first ride.
Shane Lloyd
Did they tame the brake shed
Bekka Sawyer
This lift hill is painfully slow lol...but its still the best wooden
coaster Ive ever been on to Mean Streak at Cedar Point
No. But I'm guessing that the thrill comes more from sheer speed than
force. That's probably why it's said to be so smooth.
DolledUp Gal.
1:50 the top
The Voyage is so much better!
I think it slowed down because the other train on the course hasn't cleared
the block brakes
Lift hills were realy slow in the 70s
The first half looks a bit tame, but the second half looks really fun. If I
had designed it, it would only have one lift hill, and no trims. It would
have a smaller helix at the end or possibly in the middle of the ride. But
my version of the Beast probably wouldn't keep the length record for very
Nico Bortolon
Ur lucky u have this. I live in north California, so the only fun wooden
coaster is gold striker, which is only 108 ft tall.
Absolutely one of the best wooden coasters I've ever ridden. The only ones
that are better are the Voyage at Holiday World and El Toro at Six Flags
Great Adventure. This is hands down the best coaster ridden at night next
to the former Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg and the former
Florida Hurricane at Boardwalk & Baseball.
I'm the only whovian here right?
Tom Hur
I wonder how the beast will avenge its son?
I'm guessing you haven't been on very many wooden coasters.
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