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Movie: The Beast Front Row (HD POV) Kings Island

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I think the service road on the left at 2:01 wasn't there in 1979.
Max Van Rossum
the description is longer than the ride!
Tony Kim
For everyone complaining about The Beast, you shouldn't since a lot of
people consider this one of the best wooden roller coasters in the world
and it is one of the best! It is currently in the top 10 for best wooden
roller coasters in the world, so I would quit complaining.
It takes some of the mystery away when Bigfoot is just parkin' his Dodge
next to the tracks.
the beast is one of my favorite rides but it fucking
kills my back lol
This ride and The Racer are practically like fixtures that have stood the
tests of time.
Tanner Shrout
i rode this when i was 7 years old i am 9
Joe Billy
i call this one the fun headache
looks badass
Kaitlyn Eidson
That looks so scary
Hannah Strangarity
The lift hill is way faster now! I don't know why, but its faster. My
favorite roller coaster at Kings Island, especially at night!
Clarence Marsh
the best wooden roller coaster ever!!!
Carly Martinelli
This was always my favorite ride at kings dominion. It's just so classic 
Suzan Crockett
i love when you go into the tunnel 2 times really fast it was my first time
riding it this year!
The Nethermancer
i rode this. Hurled XD!!!!!!!!!!!!1 but seriously, i hurled
very rough ride. These wooden rides really rattle my head. Its an amazing
ride tho at night and 10 times better than at day time
Ally Jewell
I rode this earlier today and earlier this week. Rougher by the the
Dj Gardner
the beast and the racers are very rickety
OSU Bucks421
I busted my ear on this! So fun!
James Allen
I don't know if it's because this ride if getting older or because I am
getting older, but when I ride this ride NOW, oh my lord, my back and neck.
I LOVE this ride, but now I am hesitant to ride it.
take my word folks, baddest ride ever, hands down #1.
Kierstyn Puppies
Why is everybody complaining about this ride? It may be wooden and not your
type of rollercoaster! My dad even rode this ride when he was a teenager so
that just shows how old it was. I think it's pretty cool they still have
this coaster up and running rather than than every other new rollercoaster,
I think this ride changes the whole new theme :D
This ride is not smooth lol
Victoria McIntyre
i love the beast but i've hit my head and got so many bruises on it lol
Electric Drilbur
Oh I see! the double wood slabs at 2:30 are block brakes, right?
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