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Movie: Jay-Z Allegedly Extorted Over Lost Masterpieces

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fuck jay z..all his "masterpieces" will sound like all the rest of his shit
"....nigga, jigga, rockafella, ahahahahabh, nigga, nigga, jigga,
rockafella, ahahahahhaha, nigga, nigga, nigga, jigga, rockafella
ahahahahaha, nigga, jigga, ahahahah.." lyrics
Danii Dee
Of course he's matured since the 90s, dude's like 45 now lol
Alpha Chode
I guess Jay Z shows his true sold out colors, I don't see why this wouldn't
discredit all of his bullshit raps. Maybe people will wise up and stop
buying his shit.
Jay z never been gangsta in the first place lol
Jigga is still the shit
Myles Hylton
Mike Lowrey
How is Jay uncool for calling the police? Does everyone remember what
happened to O.J. when he went and tried to recover his stolen property? He
was sentenced to 33 years in prison for armed robbery and kidnapping. Jay-Z
understand he has too much to lose and decided to use his brain. To hell
with all that gangster b.s. rappers spew in their lyrics. 
marble ball
Yes Jay-z the happily married muti millionaire with a new baby should have

got a gun and risked it all for a few OLD CDs 
Someone needs to do a Lennon on him....
charlie jones
Marijuana cigarette's? Really?
Cas Sy
jay z is overrated 
Feliciano S. Fuentés
The guy is a millionaire, if I had that kind of money It would be really
hard for me to do anything illegal because I would get milked for every
cent, but if I was broke I wouldn't give a fuck.
New York niggas always getting got
Being a parent makes u evolve
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