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Movie: Pradhanmantri - Episode 6: India-China war

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Anuj Kumar Dey
Chinese Bastards,,,,,we will on day pay this tiny eye pigs for the pain
they gave 1962...Indians never forget and never
forgive....Republic of china will be burn to the ground and we will spit on
their ashes ...
Bath Tub
This documentary never talks about how US and UK helped India in 1962 war,
the Soviet newspaper Pravda published a front-page article that put the
entire blame for the 1962 war with China on India. American aircraft
regularly landed in Delhi and carried out photo missions over the
Indo-Tibet border.These aerial photographs were of great value since India
had no maps of the areas of conflict.
shivam sinha
CPI & CPIM welcomed Chinese forces to Calcutta even though China didn't
reach until there..
If Gandhi & Nehru lived more India would have become half pakistan and half
china. & rest of indians would have been running for cover and honour..
Shivani Gupta
जबहार लाल नेहरु जी ,,कुछ करने में देरी लगते थे क्युकी बह लोगो की सुरक्षा के
साथ कोई अच् नि आने देना चाहते थे । परन्तु उन्होंने देश के लिए जो उचित कदम
उठाने चाहिए थे । बो कदम उठाये । में उनके इन कार्यो के लिए उन्हें सलाम करती
Devraj Khatri
Chutiya Nehru!!
om payghan
Why Indian government give permission to China for china product...
Parikshit Bhujbal
Truth is , China is now far ahead of India, be economically or military
wise, it has better infrastructure and hence enjoys an edge when in comes
to the frontier areas.
It enjoys 'veto' power (courtesy of Nehru!) and hence beats India in the
international diplomatic arena too.

China cannot be defeated, the only solution is to 'CONTAIN CHINA'.
And the best way to contain China is by maintaining strategic relations
with Japan, South Korea, the ASEAN (particularly Vietnam and the
Philippines) and most important with the USA (with their pivot to

China prides itself on being the world's factory, but this factory needs
energy (Oil and Gas), raw materials and customer (EU and US)orders to
China is trying hard to procure these, and that's their vulnerability!

If this factory shuts down, millions of Chinese get out of jobs, they
protest and the Communist party loses its support among the masses and the
world too.

We cant shut that factory, but we can surely drive them out of work.
'Made in China' needs to be superseded with 'Made in India' & made in
'among above countries friendly to India'.

Remember, military war is not the solution here, they can only be humbled
when defeated economically.....
Ramana Reddy
First of all... My Salute to all my 12000 indian soliders who gave there
life & everything for what we are today..

Remember brothers & sisters.. these Heros of my country faced the Enemy
when they clear know they cannot win the war but tried to stop the enemy
who is 10 times stronger with very limited supplies (food/clothes/arms).

*** As a Indian we are peace lovers.. but in case we happen to came across
another war.. We will make sure to balance this off.

Jai hind

bharat behl
In comments of this video every nuckelhead is trying to be a Hammer just
looking for nail to strike
Kiran kumar.s
We Don't Want to mess with anybody.if once again China's mess with us, then
the outcome will be different.this is not that old india.beware of
bloody back stabbers.This tis time if you mess you Definitely Taste the
Defeat.Jai Hind.
Pakistani Hackers
We Love China/Because We Are Pakistani/Pak China FriendShip Long Live
16:46 Vallabbhai Patel wearing Armani
Pankaj Kumar Singh
All of this could have been easily averted. It was an outcome of flawed
diplomatic vision and poor handling of international relations owing to
nepotism even in the army as well as Nehru's disbelief in his political
contemporaries within India (of the types of sardar patel).
haha go china! These indians need to learn the lesson about how it feels
to be a less powerfull/helpless, when your claiming lands from other
smaller countries. Im taking abt nepal even though our soilders been
helping them since ww2, indo pak wars 
Narender Kumar
batao abhi bhi desh ki haalat aisi hain ki iss yudh ki haqiqat koi laana
nahi chahta kuch din pehle arun jaitley upa govt. ke time chilla raha tha
ki yudh ki haqiqat desh ke saamne laao par jab modi aaya toh arun bhi paltu
ban gaya. usne bhi report sansad ko nahi batayi. congress bjp ek hi thaali
ke chatte batte.
ganesh chondekar
man...shekhar kapur(host) cries in the end....#respect
Santanu Paul
Nehru was the only person responsible for this. He was too arrogant to even
consider any body's opinion. He was of the opinion "I am the master of
whole India"
E Lwin
Fucking curry indian dont mess with our country.this is not pakistan u
wanna play.
Anand Shastri
The complete truth is not shown. The fact is that Nehru was shit scared of
the military. He was afraid of a military takeover that had happened in
almost all other countries which had got independence at the same time.
The defense minister menon was more interested in foreign affairs then
defense. He travelled all over the world but never bothered to visit the
indian armed forces anywhere in India. He stopped all ordinance factories
from producing weapons and ammuniation. In fact at the time of war all
ordinance factories where producing household utensils instead of weapons.
The Chinese prepared for war right from the time they got independence.
Nehru was destroying the indian army right from Indpendence.The Chinese
loved nehru. They considered him to be the most stupid politician a country
can get.
The war was necessary from the Chinese view point. The wanted to tell India
what can happen if India ever opposes China in the future. And they were
more then 100% successful. Even today the Indian politicians are shit
scared of china. Even today they dont have the guts to oppose China on any
issue. What a shame.
Rahul Gadi
Modi sarkar has ordered road and railway construction in Arunachal and
border area (India-China) which will make our loc more secure and powerful.

After a while a strong PM has taken charge of our nation. 
virendra varma
At present note it down china will be kicked by india ;) if it comes to
war again main reasons are that its not old india , america and russia
always be ready to kick them :P
I wished sardar patel was the pm
I am a native Chinese. It seems a serious Indian documentary, really
curious about what the Indian version of the war is. But I don't understand
the language.(is this Hindi or Urdu ?) Enough of "China stabbed India from
behind" excuse, the truth is always more complicated than we thought. And
devil is in the details. But i doubt any India has the patience to hear
the narration from Chinese side, of course this is partly of our fault, as
you know, we are awkward at English and debating. So misunderstanding and
hatred will go on and on. 
Rajon Bhuyan
Seven years of diplomacy and no preparation....that ended with "my heart
goes to the people of Assam".....shame on nehru and menon.
om payghan
Nehru tha isliye yaha tak ayyyeee !!!
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