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Movie: Pradhanmantri - Episode 6: India-China war

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nishant mishra
i think india should recognise aksai chin as part of china and make lac as
international border end of dispute. 
rohan bhoir
guys give me the name of best book and auther on INDIA CHINA WAR
Manish Poojary
plz dont use china products
tenzin sonam
If india had recognized Tibet as an independent nation at that time then
China would've stayed far far away from India! 
Dipak Deka
nehru had gone totally wrong in this matter.
Devraj Khatri
Chutiya Nehru!!
Anand Shastri
The complete truth is not shown. The fact is that Nehru was shit scared of
the military. He was afraid of a military takeover that had happened in
almost all other countries which had got independence at the same time.
The defense minister menon was more interested in foreign affairs then
defense. He travelled all over the world but never bothered to visit the
indian armed forces anywhere in India. He stopped all ordinance factories
from producing weapons and ammuniation. In fact at the time of war all
ordinance factories where producing household utensils instead of weapons.
The Chinese prepared for war right from the time they got independence.
Nehru was destroying the indian army right from Indpendence.The Chinese
loved nehru. They considered him to be the most stupid politician a country
can get.
The war was necessary from the Chinese view point. The wanted to tell India
what can happen if India ever opposes China in the future. And they were
more then 100% successful. Even today the Indian politicians are shit
scared of china. Even today they dont have the guts to oppose China on any
issue. What a shame.
16:46 Vallabbhai Patel wearing Armani
Nehru never took any of it seriously. Screwed up JnK, then couldnt talk to
China. If negotiated well, it could have been settled by giving 1/4 of the
area they asked for. You gotta talked. Negotiate. 1 inch bhi nahi denge ke
chakkar mein tumne 5 dilli de diye batao !! and can never think of taking
it back. The map is distorted forever.

And why is Shekhar kapoor crying ? 
Shivani Gupta
जबहार लाल नेहरु जी ,,कुछ करने में देरी लगते थे क्युकी बह लोगो की सुरक्षा के
साथ कोई अच् नि आने देना चाहते थे । परन्तु उन्होंने देश के लिए जो उचित कदम
उठाने चाहिए थे । बो कदम उठाये । में उनके इन कार्यो के लिए उन्हें सलाम करती
Narender Kumar
batao abhi bhi desh ki haalat aisi hain ki iss yudh ki haqiqat koi laana
nahi chahta kuch din pehle arun jaitley upa govt. ke time chilla raha tha
ki yudh ki haqiqat desh ke saamne laao par jab modi aaya toh arun bhi paltu
ban gaya. usne bhi report sansad ko nahi batayi. congress bjp ek hi thaali
ke chatte batte.
Vamit Diyawar
shekhar kapoor is a gandu anchor
Rajon Bhuyan
Seven years of diplomacy and no preparation....that ended with "my heart
goes to the people of Assam".....shame on nehru and menon.
Narender Kumar
nehru ne united nation mein chin ki sadasyata ka support 1960 mein yeh ek
bhaari galti hain. aap clear karo aapke desh se chin ki dosti jab prashn
chinh mein hai aap uska kyo support kar rahe ho. kaul ki jagah gurbax singh
ko jab commandar banaya gaya toh usi ko rakhna chahiye tha vaapis kaul ko
kyo lekar aaye isse sena mein galat sandesh gaya. nehru ke samay kuch
baatein jaanini jaruri hain patel ke jaane ke baad nehru se koi saamne baat
karne ki himmat hi nahi karta tha.
1. hyderabad,kashmir ko kabaillo ke aatank se nikalne ka shrey vallabhbahi
jawairbhai patel ko jaata hain usme nehru ka kaam sirf sign karne ka tha.
2. panchsheel bhool thi china hamesha prasaarvadi neeti pe chalta tha. usne
tibbat par attack kiya dalayi laama ki yeh soch india bhi jabab dega yeh
galat thi.
3. kisi yudh mein agar pm, general,commander, defence minister ki agar nahi
ban rahi aap yudh jeet hi nahi sakte.

democracy mein pm ko hi jyaada taaqat milti hain.
nehru was a prime minister no indian will be proud of. The first prime
minister should have been patel 
Satish Toran
Nehru was educated in UK, learnt their language and customs well, has
started to consider himself as one of them. Megalomaniac thought speech
born out of his vacuous thought process, will do all wonders (Panchsheel
Agreement). Chinese must have laughed their heads off on this idea. And
many Indians fell for this "Vilayati Babu". Fool....quiet evident from his
speech during Chinese war. What stopped fortifying boundaries which you
claim ours.
alok rout
O my god 
Rajsekhar Paul
naam rup bihaaya tad bhaaba bhaabitaha , tadaa kaara kaaritaha. Meaning :
forgetting name and looks we should concentrate only towards the work done.
And I think that this is a good work done by ABP News.
Farooq Akram
Many indians do not credit Nehru as a good prime minister but I think he
did a lot for India, he laid the foundations of science and technology,
fruit of which India is reaping today. He was the one who cunning went to
UN to stop 48 war otherwise Kashmir could have been freed in 48.
Mandip juneja
Abki baar modi sarkar
Annujay Gupta
Good documentary
Nehru was the most useless leader of India ever
shree prakash Loya
This seems to be an Urdu video. Except few words like "pradhan Mantri",
which had to be in Hindi, its all Urdu. Pl listen carefully and see for
I wished sardar patel was the pm
Rajsekhar Paul
Jawarharlal nehru was not a suitable person for becoming a P.M for India.
The person who could not even bake his own lawyer's profession after
acquiring barrister degree in London, then , how can he perform his P.M's
duties properly ( forget perfectly ! ). Kupaatro ko agar jyaadaa milay to
uskaa to anucheet byabahaar to hogaa hee naa ?
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