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Movie: Bradley Beal Leads Wizards to 2-0 In Thrilling OT Win vs Bulls

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This game was amazing
deebo hash
brad beal representing my high school, chaminade college prep in st. louis,
MO. way to make us proud.
free hernandez
Damn bulls really need Jordan right now lol 
Candy Man
Washington Wizards' future is very bright. Kevin Durant should come play
for DC, his hometown.
Matt Wiggins
Good game by the Wizards.
King James
big fan of beal.. imo he's a poor man d wade mixed with a poor man ray
allen #futuresuperstar
Bradley Beal is nice! Repping the school I attend nicely
Jaja banks
young ray allen.
Fuckin bullshit. I guess Nene's faggot ass is the only player in the NBA
allowed to hold down the opposing players arm during a jump ball. Sure, we
should have won but we let the lead slip away within the last couple
minutes but this is playoff basketball. The refs missed that fuckin Nene
bullshit, twice late in the game they awarded Washington with the ball when
it should have been Chicago's. They called two or three bitch ass fouls
against us very late in the game which was fucking retarded. I'm not making
excuses because, regardless of the officiating, a team shouldn't let a 10+
point lead slip away so late in the game but this is the playoffs where
teams fight back so the bad calls make 10x more of an impact. I knew when
they tied it up that it was over. And 9 times outta 10 overtime is a lock
for the team who has the most momentum going into it. 
Waleed Dreegia
i like wizards squad.... beal and wall sick combo... nene gortat solid
underrated players... ariza another great addition very athletic .. wizards
are an awesome team
Chi Bulls
Chicago will bounce back winning the next 2 games mark my words
Bradley Beal
THE GUY IS 20! Real Deal Beal
Ravi Patel
There's always next year.... 
0:15 "GODDAMIT!" lol poor boozer
Im a knicks fan but holy sh*t the wizards were barely getting ANY calls
during regulation time, it was ridiculous!
Great shooter I think Beal can be the next Ray Allan.
I didn't know the wizards had fans.
Kirk Hinrich choked both free throws to send it to overtime...
i remember people saying he was a draft bust during his first year
Bulls what are you doing? Come on...
Mike Wallace
Bulls are a joke! lmao!!! my Pacers have an easy road to the Eastern
Conference Finals. we"ll beat ATL in 5 or 6, then beat Washington in 4 or
5, then face the Brooklyn Nets in the Eastern Conference Finals to
determine who's going to the NBA FINALS from the EAST!
Calvin Johnson
Chicago got too damn comfortable in the 4th quarter with the lead, in both
game's 1 & 2. should be 2-0 going the other way, This is not like them.
their only hope now is to do to the Wizards what the Wizards did to them
back in 2005, first round.
The Slim Reaper
its awesome seeing teams like the wizards and bobcats in the playoffs
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