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Movie: Epic Frisbee Trick Shots 2011 | Brodie Smith

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This was my first brodie video
Shaun Cameron
i can do most of thees and what is the music called
Absolutely flipping amazing! Thanks for posting.
BC Guitar
This video was made exactly 3 years ago
Adonis Draghia
Hack :)))) GG
Marco Vitale
Sei un grande
Alex Keuerleber
Oh my gosh how do u do those they were awesome
andrea braggion
siete dei grandi vi stimo con tutta l'anima
Vaggos Kosmidis
Why dislike you,BS21?
Oscar .H
1:49 is perth
Lykourgos Stayrianos
one frisbee plase
play me in T.R.I.C.K lma0
Tammy Cunningham
Wat thats song called
Lee Little
that is flippin amazin
paul ruiz
Nice trick shots with the frisebee
Brandon Madore
Nice trick shots with the frisbee
Toy Guru
Absolutely brilliant! The way they sail along buildings 0:50 and also the
leaping off the boat catch was incredible! 4:10
aaron see
Ballista Guy
Certainly I'm impressed by those frisbee trick shots ;)
Ivan Cornejo
0:38 - 0:42 is my fave shot, Nice Work, BROdie :)
MovieCrafters i
jordan schulz
thats fucking insane
aaron see
4 letters,
Brett Harris
3:05 THO
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