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Charles Walker
I have been using an ouija board for well over 30 years with no problems
what so ever. I have also guided others and shown them its safe. If there
are ever problems it is because the person using the board is not of sound
mind in the first place. The board itself is safe - THE MIND OF THE USER IS
jim T
Congratulations you have championed satans first goal over man. That is to
make people believe that he doesn't exit, and better yet deny the existence
of God himself. Of course you could prove this, and if you could explain
exactly how we have evolved. Use all the space you need to reply
Michael Grimm
There are no spirits, there are no souls, there is no god(s) or satan or
devils or demons. Ouija boards do not actually work. This is all BS, and a
sign of how week minded, close minded, and gullible you people are. It is
all imaginary.
Forget the Bible? Nothing wrong? Perfectly safe? That kinda statement outta
frighten people to run from the lunatic Its sounds like the very thing the
nice doctor would say just before the drug induced hypnosis session. Just
lye back and relaxe.
Charles Walker
I dont read fiction so no chance of reading something I was forced to read
at school. It made no sense then and would not now.
sue me!!
Thats the truth.
jo cee
Obviously you have never really read the Bible. Satan was a creation(Angel)
of God who was caste out of heaven because of his own self will. There are
many references to this fall from grace specifically Isaiah 14:12-14 and
Ezekiel 28:12-18. Wiccan and witchcraft are also referred to in the Bible
as not being of God but of evil(Satan). I challenge you to spend 30 days
reading the Bible and see what you learn as well as how it may change your
Charles Walker
You pratt - Satan is a christian creation designed to frighten people - he
does not exist except in you minds, Wiccan and witchcraft is nothing to do
with that rubbish. We do not believe in Satan or anything like that - we
work to help people and all living things and are more in line with life
than the crap in you Bible.
jo cee
Ouija boards have a connection to Satan and the underworld just as
witchcraft, Wican, Seances,etc. You allow Satan a crack in the door and he
will come in. If you are so against the Bible, he obviously has already
found that crack and infiltrated your mind. I will pray that the Angels of
the on True God will overcome the demons that have taken over your mind.
Charles Walker
There is nothing wrong with the ouija board. The problems come from the
minds of those using them. The board is perfectly safe as long as the
mental state of the person using it is stable. It has NOTHING to do with
satan or demons. Forget the Bible. That was written to frighten people into
following one religious system.
Eddie Cruze
That's very true
sue me!!
One quick way to open up the gates of hell into your home. Ive heard enough
stories to comfirm the negative product of these devils.
ما فهمت شي
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