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ffp: Stop cheating in Counter-Strike and other games.


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hahah didnt notice the plumbers crack till now 0_o hahah
Charles, that wasn't reggaeton. 
Jonos Bedi
Was great to see Charles Mom fun personality - she is one cool lady and
hopes she posts pics of him in that sailor suit. You are lucky to have her
around and that she is so supportive!
Pieds is french for feet.
Ahhh, my whole body just cringed when he stuck the stickers to the
Agnetha van der Kuijl
Favorite toy: my swing!
Even though the majority of that was flying a kite, I still laughed a lot
Legos. :D
Fatima Gonzalez
is Charles mom Hispanic? His sister looks a bit Hispanic too. 
Mya Ramjit
Today's blog will make you have 2,000 videos!! (: your awesomeeee!!
J Raynor
I must say that my best toy I had was a remote controlled car! Also I lived
on a farm, so I chased alot of chickens! :D But sadly one day I was driving
the car in a puddle, wich happen to be a big hole with water! RIP.. Oh the
tears man! :D
Awesome new outro
Curtis Ferrier
U should start walking zoey and marley more.Maybe take them to some cool
different places we havent seen before,also dog walking is very good for
your mood.Toodles charles u rock!!
Geo P
"Where do i find kites mom ?" hahahahaha so typical. It doesnt matter how
old we are, we will still ask our moms for help !!!
Careem Sharpe
What type of dog is Zoey
Love you Charles but I miss Ali having little clips In the vlog :( 
doom bomberyo
4 Feet.....Pieds. :P Pieds is feet in french.
Jaime Lou
I really miss alli
Kourtney Taylor
Looks like tons of fun Charles!!! You inspire me to live my life to the
fullest no matter what happens. TOODLES!!!!!!!!! Love the new outro btw :3
Sure the tattoo looks awesome, but not on your (anyones) body. I highly
doubt you won't regret it.
alexis cardona
Now I'm going to buy a kite. also i can never get over the fact that you
live in Florida because I live in miami so I wish I could meet you one day
Mar O
Let's gooo flyyy a kiiiite... (singing the Mary Poppins song inside my head
during almost the whole video) :)
Aw your mom is so cute Charles! Now I want to fly a kite
Kerissa Ward
I hadn't noticed your crack either! 😂 Love you and your positivity Char!
❤️I just hope you know that even if you can't be positive all the time, we
will still love and support you. Don't feel like you have to hide your hurt
from us to keep us happy. We can help! 💜
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