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Movie: Nerd³ Challenges! Be the Police! - GTA IV

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Diyar Baran
best nerdcubed video ever no arguments everybody agrees
What's the music at 09:21?
I agree: Why doesn't jumping out of a high car on to moving concrete ever
Riley O\'Brien
18:20 Just add a cut on the face and you have an episode of Dexter.
Jesse Fernandes
What add on is this
I can.. comment on this video??
Am I the only one thinking Dale Cooper from Twin Peaks when you see the
Kenneth Hardeman
Can I play this mod multiplayer/LAN?
Chris Fandrich
you called like 1,000,000 police officers
This just in:
Worst police officer ever Dale Cubed had died in a major explosion. We
watched the event happen, and it seems that Dale's car was on fire has he
was moving through traffic. He jumped from the car to the highway, and he
would have survived if the car hadn't exploded in front of him, killing him
instantly. We give our respects to Officer Cubed, as he was a great man
with a bad car.

-Fox News
Gavin B
somehow this brought me to the nerd cubed gang beasts but the page was
still GTA IV
Alicia Culling
What the hell is a leopard-seal?
that burning taxi drivers dancing xD 21:44
More police mod vids
Alp Calapkulu
The agent looks like g-man from Garry's mod
julius palfi
can you plz do more?
I fucking love your videos :D I cant stop laughing :D Keep up the good
Rainbow Attacker
Im Worlds Best Policeman! *Runs 8 People Over*:D
nicola ellis
i nearly shit my self watching this video
merry christmas santa
Christie Boelman
i would have chose the APC.
Mister Mister
14:00 Only the best game ever!
cory kern
i laughed so hard i almost died
Kaden Alexander
17:06 Breaking News!
Respected police officer Dale Cubed has been killed in a tragic
explosion,Along with with unidentified partner Cubed's car burst into
flames and crashed into a limo exploding,The explosion killed Cube's
partner,the occupants of the limo and a bystander.
Witnesses say Cubed survived the explosion but was killed when a nearby car
No one was thought to survive.
I tried to arrest Glenn..
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