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Movie: Nerd³ Challenges! Be the Police! - GTA IV

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Newt Drost
His videos are always so fucking long!
Max Mills
PLEASE HELP how did he pick the agent guy cos when I try you can't get him?
Dan's priorityies are messed up. burning to death and screaming in agony =
Lol he looks like Jeremy Kyle 
ron richardson
Has anyone made a mod like this for GTA V? If not, why the FUCK not?
Ezra Fagta
hey nerd why do you need to
kill people for no reasen nerd is a murder and inrest people
JaydenR Parker
I agree: Why doesn't jumping out of a high car on to moving concrete ever
Oh this hurts for anyone who plays LCPDFR... If you want to how LCPDFR is
properly played with cool mods, visit my channel :P
gta 4 is awesome but gta 5 is bad because cars control bady
make a vid how to install the mod for gta 4
Wyatt Grenle
I might buy GTA IV just for this mod.
Isent That A FIB Buffalo From GTA 5?
titan turtle
is this a mod or a mode
Zakira Molvi
I fucking love your videos :D I cant stop laughing :D Keep up the good
"No i am a Police officer i do good now" If only we could say the same
about america 
L.E.S Carr
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videos, it will make a huge difference.

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Pradeep Rout
get a police car
brodez simez
Brian Longest
I toaly notice when he arested the worker he said oh a fight this man is
fighting the folor with hamers he tryed to make it look stupid on youtube
so he decided to just fix it and add it in
I can.. comment on this video??
Nice chuck berry reference.
Dong Thai
You play this on PC or xbox
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