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Movie: Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9 - All Final Smashes!

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I think Sonic, Goku and Ichigo are my favourite characters. Sonic's move
set is so easy to use. Ichigo's Sword slash move (i dont know its name) can
be used for camping and his move set is decent to use. Goku is the hardest
character to use. It's my choise so dont take it too seriusly. Kirby can
copy characters. And use Goku's legendary Kamehameha. This game is good and
i like it. Hater's gonna hate bitches ;D
Ultra Saliva
Oh god this game looks horrible.
Dylan Smith
Should redesign in 60fps.
That would make it look less choppy.
Muluka Daud
Orlando james
guys who knows what the map is called when you go online on v0.9b and it
says please wait and you have to fight a sandbag?
cos i fought one then i fought my online opponent on that map please whats
that map with please wait ion it
As okay as this flash game seemed to be... HOW DOES SORA'S FINAL SMASH
they would put THIS Donkey Kong´s final smash on the original game!!
it would be better than the bongo one
Ruse Cruise
Goku, Ichigo and Naruto, More like DOnt pUt anIme CharAcTERS iN SMasH YOu
FucKinG WeaBoO
*** VOAN ***
Those anime characters doesn't seem to fit the roster at all, I would
gladly exchange Ichigo, Naruto, and Goku with Rayman, Klonoa, and Simon
Belmont or even Alucard.
Hagoromo Otsutsuki
Ichigo and Naruto are not up to date! And this game needs a luffy. 
Dosh Goblin
No problem with Lloyd and Sora, But Naruto, Ichigo and Koku gave me cancer.
Super Vegito
Do we seriously have to buy this? :(
Pikachus final smashes is difficult to control he is too loose and cant
make sharp turns
Gameplay Kid
just going to say that the forms are not final smashes, if you need to do a
final smash in a second form you simply hold s down and I believe you press
Gonza Herrera
como hago que salga el cartel a izquierda 
Psy Guy
so apparently half of the ppl here hate ssbb
garip bir kanal
poor jigglypuff...
ace flare
It was a halfway decent attempt all things considered. Good idea, okay
execution, and limited resources due to flash player.
Nelson Rojas
why is luigi not playable in this version?
Osmar Emilio Ortiz De Leon
ya se convertirme en la fase 4 de goku 
Senator Armstrong
This guy is shit at demonstrating everything.
Would've been awesome if the new smash bros. game had a Belmont and Jill
from Drilldozer as playable characters. I know this will proly never happen
but it'd be cool. :)
Matthew Cohn
this game is a lot of fun and insanely well made. for someone that doesnt
have a wii to play brawl with this makes me really happy i found it. i
mean many of you people have wanted to play a game like
this and play goku? i sure as hell have. this feels like brawl, but like he
took everything and scaled back the graphics to 16 bit. i say bravo to the
creator. if i knew him i would give him some money to keep updating this.
you sir have an incredible future in the games industry. nintendo needs
to hire this person/people before someone else does.
Gaming Modding
what do i press to do a final smash?
This looks SO cool!
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