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Movie: Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9 - All Final Smashes!

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what recoder do you have
This game needs a Luffy in it.
Nathan Rivera-Melo
16:00 haha, absolute schadenfreude
steve sanchez
what did you use to record this?
Wilson Iturralde
All of them were pretty cool except Soras and they messed up Sonics, he had
one of the most bad ass final smashs in the real game and in this one he
just turns gold and throws a lil tornado?
Paulo Moura
thats not all of sonics moves,you forgot eagle kick and other moves 
Sora stole Ike final smash
Kirbys final smash is op and needs a nerf 
I really like black mage's and peach's final smash they are awesome 
Carson Menzies
Goko and naroto were the sickest they are my 2 favourite games 
How cool would it be to use Mario's, Ichigo's and Sonic's Final Smash all
the time until the end of the battle...
Viking TheLucid
When I got to Sora I thought: This better be a shadow form
I was sorely disappointed.
Briana Patey
I only managed to do Sora's once. Now every time I do it I always fail.
He has the hardest final smash in the game. He failed it once as a
Eric Roh
The anime characters in this are basically copied from jump! Superstars
Ryad Chekri
why is sora's final smash useless ?
cassie fraser
Poor jiggly puff lol
8:56 tbag oh yeah!
James N
Which button is the triangle button on this game for Sora's Final?
Daniel Stewart
Why does sora get the completely useless final smash?
Brittney Rench
No Jigglypuff's were harmed in the filming of this show.

Well okay, mabye one Jigglypuff.
Ismael Khan
Why yo Goku spirit bomb glitchez?
I love Goku's final smash and the Namek theme, but if they can improve this
game before it comes out, I would love it if they changed up the Namek map
to just one island because the map is hard to play on without your
opponents falling every 3 seconds.
Josh Pettitt
you didn't even do soras
William Boer
Smash flash is stupid
Smash bros is cool
There's this kid at school who's such a fanboy of Dragonball Z and
Minecraft, it just makes me sick. Everyone else has been getting annoyed.
"Ooh look Goku is the best character in this game he's so OP" That's what
he literally said today.
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