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Movie: Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9 - All Final Smashes!

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Dosh Goblin
No problem with Lloyd and Sora, But Naruto, Ichigo and Koku gave me cancer.
SteamRoller Sandvich
Oh god this game looks horrible.
Awesomegamemaker Shadowblur
horrible game!
garip bir kanal
poor jigglypuff...
this song is so addicting :D i want to download it :3
Sercan Ak
Where and how can i play it?
Matt the Gamer
they would put THIS Donkey Kong´s final smash on the original game!!
it would be better than the bongo one
Tochopyl (TRV)
This looks SO cool!
Pikachus final smashes is difficult to control he is too loose and cant
make sharp turns
Hagoromo Otsutsuki
Ichigo and Naruto are not up to date! And this game needs a luffy. 
Would've been awesome if the new smash bros. game had a Belmont and Jill
from Drilldozer as playable characters. I know this will proly never happen
but it'd be cool. :)
how do i open that menu?
Abrar Mustafa
how do you make that thing where you manually summon the smash ball
Nelson Rojas
why is luigi not playable in this version?
dinoz the king hedghog
17:54 and you fail^^
Gonza Herrera
como hago que salga el cartel a izquierda 
Psy Guy
so apparently half of the ppl here hate ssbb
Beatrice Borromeo
The ssb is much better
1:32 Great!

Mario Finale is Mario's Falcon Punch! :D
Osmar Emilio Ortiz De Leon
ya se convertirme en la fase 4 de goku 
Senator Armstrong
This guy is shit at demonstrating everything.
Atticus36 Gaming!
Poor jiggly puff
ace flare
It was a halfway decent attempt all things considered. Good idea, okay
execution, and limited resources due to flash player.
Dylan Smith
Should redesign in 60fps.
That would make it look less choppy.
Psy Guy
i hate sora's how the h*ll r u supposed to use it without just doing 3
retarded damage?
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