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Movie: Super Smash Flash 2 v0.9 - All Final Smashes!

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SteamRoller Sandvich
Oh god this game looks horrible.
Pikachus final smashes is difficult to control he is too loose and cant
make sharp turns
this song is so addicting :D i want to download it :3
Hagoromo Otsutsuki
Ichigo and Naruto are not up to date! And this game needs a luffy. 
Wilson Iturralde
All of them were pretty cool except Soras and they messed up Sonics, he had
one of the most bad ass final smashs in the real game and in this one he
just turns gold and throws a lil tornado?
This game needs a Luffy in it.
Would've been awesome if the new smash bros. game had a Belmont and Jill
from Drilldozer as playable characters. I know this will proly never happen
but it'd be cool. :)
Ticci Toby
what did you use to record this?
Nelson Rojas
why is luigi not playable in this version?
1:32 Great!

Mario Finale is Mario's Falcon Punch! :D
Dylan Smith
Should redesign in 60fps.
That would make it look less choppy.
Woah, Kirby's final smash turned from wimpy to extreme.
Michael Liu
Best for last
A hollowfied Getsuga Tencho? Most of the Smash characters should crap
their pants and give up. But not Captain Falcon, because he bout that
life. LOL
what recoder do you have
Nathan Rivera-Melo
16:00 haha, absolute schadenfreude
Paulo Moura
thats not all of sonics moves,you forgot eagle kick and other moves 
Love DK's Final Smash! Better than Brawl! #DonkeyKongaFAIL
how do i open that menu?
Abrar Mustafa
how do you make that thing where you manually summon the smash ball
Beatrice Borromeo
The ssb is much better
Ismael Khan
Why yo Goku spirit bomb glitchez?
Wozelia Hazel
how did you get the huge fire thingy on mario!!!
James N
Which button is the triangle button on this game for Sora's Final?
Adrian Robinson
Black mage is in a class of his own that guy is a broken piece of shit.
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