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Movie: Fast & Furious 6 Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Vin Diesel Movie HD

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bad ass movie, R.I.P Paul Walker!
Ari Masliansky
Rest in Peace Paul Walker, you'll always be missed in the Fast & Furious
Worst movie ever, fast and furios is supposed to be about speed and cars
and all i saw in that movie was overwrought action , like when vin diesel
catch his girl in the air but the other movies was awesome, but fast 6
worst ever.
RACE IN PEACE Paul Walker 9-12-1973 - 11-30-13

Only reason I liked the Skyline :(
Jim Wall
After driving at high speed around Los Santos (GTA V) time to let someone
else do the driving ( got to cook some grub first).

Fast and Furious movies IMHO tend to be either hit or miss. The last
version looked as though the franchise might be back on track.

I haven't seen this chapter in the franchise yet so, hopefully it'll be
just as good as the last one.
Cristian Nolgath
i cry when i see this trailer i dont know why wtf
Steven King
so I didn't realize runways were more than 8 miles long
Bobby Sandez
One Day If The Speed Kills Me,Do Not Cry Because I was Smiling."Paul
Ride or die remember..
Why Paul Walker.. Why?
Maximilian Goldberg
Is he an animation or real?
Claire Bacchi
I hope this movie will be a tribute to Paul Walker. This is one movie I
cannot wait to see. RIP Paul Walker.
You are loved by so many, especially your fans.
I'm very shocked and saddened by Paul's death.
I grew up with these movies and with the character Brian.
I remember when I was 10 years old all me and my friends did was talk about
these movies and ride our bikes thinking they were tuned up cars, I wanted
to be just like Brian, he still is a role model.

R.I.P. Paul Walker.
Always and forever in our hearts. 
R.I.P Paul Walker
WORST trailer ever. Lucky that I didn´t watch the trailer, before watching
the movie. They showed absolutely everything.
Poor innocent people getting crushed by a tank!!
My heart aches when seeing Paul :( It still feels so surreal.
Laquanda Sequeira
seems best to do it ya self :D
Fast and the Furious 6 is one of my favourite movies this year.R.I.P. Paul
Walker you died a true hero fighting for those less fortunate than
yourself, God is so lucky to have such a loving, caring and humble guy with
him in heaven. You've finally reached the big one.Put the pedal to the
medal and made God proud my brother.
One time during a long walk on the beach I stumbled across a unicorn.
RIP Paul Walker. :'(
We'll just have to put our faith in the next Paul. Aaron Paul, in Need For
I hope Jesse Pinkman is a good driver. 
Tyler Scott
Trailers these days just give away too much of the actual movie
Evil Genius
Tap Strider
I miss Paul Walker :(
Evan Vibration
R.I.P Paul Walker
Conclusion: speed kills.
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