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Movie: Fast & Furious 6 Official Trailer #1 (2013) - Vin Diesel Movie HD

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bad ass movie, R.I.P Paul Walker!
Ride or die remember..
Maximilian Goldberg
Is he an animation or real?
My heart aches when seeing Paul :( It still feels so surreal.
R.I.P Paul Walker
Fast N Furious 20, Paul Walker's son. 
oh god!! This is hollywood's bollywood!!!
Steven King
so I didn't realize runways were more than 8 miles long
WORST trailer ever. Lucky that I didn´t watch the trailer, before watching
the movie. They showed absolutely everything.
Worst movie ever, fast and furios is supposed to be about speed and cars
and all i saw in that movie was overwrought action , like when vin diesel
catch his girl in the air but the other movies was awesome, but fast 6
worst ever.
Laquanda Sequeira
seems best to do it ya self :D
Akhil Sahni
luv the movie and the trailer
paul :(
Diego Garcia
RIP Paul walker
is it good? ive never even watched the first one.
Not saying movie sucks. It was good but Army plane scene were really long.
Whole scene took what 10-15 mins long? So that's would be around 20-25
miles long? I know math isn't right. I'm just ball park it. Ideally, takes
around 1 minute to get 1 mile, depends on how fast you were going. They
were suppose go way over 100 mph right? That would take less min to get to
1 mile. So 20 miles? That's really long army base
javier faraway
the music in the beginning sounds like the music from Drive
Jazmin Chavez
MY HEART HURTS ;'( everytime i see Paul'
Alexander Diazdaza
Fast & Furious 7
Jaquan Greene
Ive never seen any Fast and Furious movies ever since Tokyo Drift. I use to
Watch 2 Fast 2 Furious almost EVERY day in my childhood becuase of Paul and
his Skyline. Now im back into the movie series once again. Without him, I
wouldent even be into racing at all. Ride in Peace Paul Walker!
denis deniben
Give me soundtrack 57seconds
Jonn Jonn\'z
Paul Walker was very eery in this movie, hmmm???. R.I.P. Paul Walker!
*HEADSUP* Last name Walker. 
Matthew Cronin
I only watched this to see Paul for one more time:( RIP Paul Walker
Why cant they make it like the old films where it was about street racing
and modding cars.
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